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  1. I usually blast over speed bumps anyway so idc if they put these in or not

  2. As far as I can tell all the measuring tapes are fine the bottom ones just not lined up with the others and the paper is close enough to get a rough measurement.

  3. Gum stays in your stomach for 7 years. No???? That just isn’t true. Also the cracking knuckles causes arthritis. That one is made up by people who don’t like the sound of it.

  4. I’ve always wondered if regular polarized lenses that some sunglasses have would work for this or if you need to add that film. Probably need the film but it would be cool if you didn’t.

  5. Friend told me that South bridge apt was super easy to get into didn’t need any pay stubs or anything and apts are nice, and they only pay for electric/ Wi-Fi

  6. Chop the pin close on both sides pull off the castle nut cover and impact that nut right over what’s left of the pin.

  7. Most minimum wage workers are older than high school.

  8. I never said they were young people. Just seems like even more of a reason for them to not be making minimum wage tbh. I just dont get how one can be legitimately stuck in a job like that. Some people are just okay with it or chose it and that’s different than feeling stuck so I’m not talking about those people

  9. This just feels lazy. "Just get a better job" is a cop out answer that just dismisses that any job should be have a living wage. You are essencially calling people lazy for working a job and getting paid shit. No sense in engaging with you further.

  10. Yep instead of offering any counter solution or valuable knowledge at all you just disagree with, downvote, and leave without adding a single thing to the convo. low key people like you are the real pieces of crap in this world because you clearly don’t really care at all or you’d at least attempt to talk about it.

  11. Send them an invoice with an interest rate on it

  12. Yep 100% interest compounded daily till the loan is paid back

  13. You'd have 96 million dollars in 30 days.

  14. And I’ll give them a one time offer to get outta the massive dept they accrued for pennys on the dollar one payment of 10 million dollars

  15. You got me tearing up again lol. It's OK though. An old coworker is giving me an opportunity to make double the amount of money the other job I wanted offered. Like I mentioned. Just gotta wait till March for availability.

  16. Sounds like a pretty good deal! Who knows maybe they did you a favor by turning you away. Only time will tell but I hope you end up happy regardless of what happens. How are you managing in the mean time?

  17. As well as I can at the moment. Working 50+ hour weeks cause my boss is a lazy cunt who can't bring himself to work 40 (he's salary btw). I can always say no, I don't wanna do this but I need the money. I barely have time to see my girlfriend cause of our conflicting work schedules now. I have to miss every major holiday because of that too. In short, I fucking hate my job and I'm only there for the money now

  18. Sorry to hear that man but at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Have you thought about trying to find something else temporary so you don’t have to deal with him anymore then just quit the new one before this other job opens up?

  19. If I could just get a “what’s up guys” from Daniel Radcliffe for me and my gf I’d be eternally happy. By the way I Loved Swiss army man and guns akimbo and can’t wait to dig into this show once I get home from Florida! I’ve been helping with the hurricane recovery efforts for just over a month so knowing I have this to look foreword too when I get home boosts my spirit a bit!

  20. Sounds like you just don't think their life is shitty enough for them to deserve to be out there asking for money.

  21. Or maybe they just have no shame and don’t care and just dont want to work at a real job, ever think of that? There’s people who steal, rob, sell drugs, or scam people for a living why not beg.

  22. This is exactly what I wanna do but I wanna do it with duplex’s would you say a duplex is a better, worse or about the same as any other house?

  23. As a 25 year old who lives with similar aged roommates, I notice its about this age one starts reflecting on that party lifestyle and either addresses it or doesn't.

  24. I pretty much partied myself out before I was even 21, 22 was the last year I had a crazy party. Im only 23 but I’m trying to start my own buisiness and learn as much stuff as I can as quick as possible so I don’t have time for partying like I used to even if I wanted to.

  25. Hope the business works out, good job getting an early start on life my dude

  26. Thanks lol it’s terrifying the only reason I’m throwing myself into it is bc if I fail spectacularly I’ll still be young and able to recover from it.

  27. To be fair no one thinks 32 gb of storage on a device is enough these days anyway.

  28. to me 32gb is incredible, like all of my phones have been at max 16gb so when I just got one with 32gb and It feels as though I'll never even have to think about storage again

  29. Yeah that’s how I felt when I got my first 32 gig phone too but it’s just not really viable anymore

  30. I have 0 sympathy it’s so easy to not bring drugs with you somewhere especially to a different country

  31. Extreme outdoor activities or something like that lol

  32. This would be awesome in a buss camper kitchen

  33. It got easier for me hope it does for you as well. Sometimes I still think about cutting but it’s much easier to just say no to the urge after awhile.

  34. Honestly I’d probably need this when I’m hyperfocused on something nothing else exists it’s dangerous.

  35. That looks like it’s been kicking around outside a car for awhile if your car doesn’t make and grinding noises when you brake and your brakes still work don’t worry about it

  36. That's a silly conspiracy theory. You're probably oblivious of the fact that the Suffragettes and civil rights movement resorted to far more extreme actions.

  37. Man I’m just shooting the shit. I don’t really care about any of this crap I’ve given up hope and think the worlds probably gonna die bc the leaders of big corporations all over the world don’t care about or straight up don’t belive in global warming. Or maybe they have super elaborate underground bunker city’s set up that they’re gonna live in or maybe elons gonna take them all to mars I don’t care anymore. Stressing over something I have baisically no say in besides a couple votes for my local politicians and one for the president in one country out of 197.

  38. Well that's kind of the goal I think, to make you wonder what on earth is making them do something so ridiculous, i.e. it must be a cause they feel very strongly about.

  39. Just makes me think they’re stupid. Go put chains on oil refinery doors so workers are delayed getting to work or glue yourself to some damn cargo ships or private jets idk anything that targets big corps not the people that work for them.

  40. 2 bowls of ramen but I spent $80 on seafood boils last night so I’m okay with it.

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