1. Homophobia? Maybe. Racism? I don’t think that it is a big issue amog Christians. Don’t forget for example MLK. Don’t confuse Christians with greedy conservatives.

  2. You may be right. I just know Christianity gets a bad rap because of the bad ones

  3. Life makes me feel like I am very interested in the position you have posted on Craigslist

  4. True. I’m not comparing, just a hypothetical situation.

  5. Oh please no. I hate this song. It would be a perfect encore though considering how bad this set has been.

  6. But isn't this a song that many people voted and many people really like it? If so, I can't say it's a bad set list.

  7. The list starts out with a bunch of good songs and by the encore we have stuff like fucking mushroomhead. This isn't how setlists should work.

  8. I mean it's broken so it can't really serve its purpose

  9. they were originally planning for 1923 but no one bought the tickets, they also planned for 2123 but couldn’t do it for legal reasons

  10. The production sucks, I can't defend that. And it needs guitar solos. I actually love the songs though.

  11. I was born in the position you have posted on Craigslist and I am very interested in the position you have posted on Craigslist

  12. And you stuck it behind glass rather than actually listening to it? Kind of a waste

  13. Psh….. I got Man DESTROYER!!!!….. oh shit…. I think I’m gay now.

  14. Probably going to be downvoted but this is actually the respectful way to dispose of a flag lol

  15. The entirety of Conspiracy of One is a pop punk banger

  16. This is a really old post lol, I now know the whole album and have it on CD and vinyl. It's my personal favorite by the Offspring.

  17. Character development done right

  18. Great album, I recently started listening to them. Cool seeing another alk3 fan, they're pretty underrated imo.

  19. Time To Break Up / Don’t Tell Me It’s Over / What Went Wrong all should have been on the main album

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