1. Not a big fan of All Circles

  2. All circles is another one for me that’s just like way too repetitive

  3. Aesop, nofx, polyphia?? Are we the same person??

  4. I just looked at mine, had Aes headlining the first day (and having The Beatles and Billie Eilish open for him) with Hail Mary Mallon and The Uncluded performing sets on the second and third days. Man would be incredibly busy.

  5. yeah day 2 he would be on with Malibu Ken for me lol busy dude

  6. Truly a bummer, they abuse snakes at those chain pet stores

  7. “Oh you need a second take? I got you” this boy was born to be on film lol

  8. I like how they’re both fat but the one they didn’t like is way fatter lol

  9. Ughh I was raised in a strict Christian household so I can’t stand when people push the Jesus stuff in forums like this, I’ve seen those teachings abused and misused more than any other, I’m sure Jesus’ message was pure at a time but it’s since been twisted and warped into what we have left today, which is just a tool to control the masses. Buddhism is a much better example imo, but I’ll never again subject myself to the stupidity of Christianity.

  10. I’m a huge fan and me personally I like Thorin’s map more

  11. I have about 400 dawnbreakers from this bug

  12. Hi. I had an experience with Legal Cannabis that was extremely freaky.

  13. Lmfao I’ve been using cannabis for 15 years now and no one I’ve ever known has had anything close to this type of experience, your stash was laced or you’re lying

  14. Dillinger escape plan - Miss Machine yellow white splatter, I think there’s only a couple hundred out there

  15. Me and my buddy got there at 615 for what ended up being an 8pm start pretty brutal with your phone in a yondr bag lol

  16. Right? We joked that next time we will have to bring a book to read!

  17. I say use the one you want to use, your parents don’t have to approve your quote what are they gonna do be disappointed? do what you want

  18. “My boss doesn’t understand that” doesn’t mean he can prevent you from voting on Election Day, they are required by law to give you i believe 4 hours off to go vote

  19. Ya ever seen a grown man dip pizza in dunkaroos frosting?

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