1. Das wieso würde ich jetzt nicht unbedingt als Allgemeinwissen betrachten, die Durchschnittsperson hat Buchstäblich 0 Ahnung wie elektrische Geräte funktionieren.

  2. Naja, dass man den Elektroschock bekommt weil man auf eine unisolierte Leitung greift kann man sich ja denken, oder? Vor allem weil bei Toastern ja der Draht sogar sichtbar glüht.

  3. My favorite from tests was literally teaching not to attempt to resuscitate if a patient has been decapitated.

  4. This is weird. The post description and the mere fact that this is posted on this subreddit makes this sound like this is something new, unprecedented, or otherwise innovative.

  5. Same for Austria. Its on our 1 or 2 Cent coins too.

  6. Same for southern Bavaria, printed on a lot of stuff and also part of the logos of some military units stationed here

  7. Am I crazy? I don’t see one lol

  8. Hmm... Tatsache...ich glaub die hab ich im normalen Leben noch nie gesehen und ich bin mittlerweile doch ein alter Sack.

  9. Bei uns hat die jeder, der einen Dienstgrad hat (also alles außer Zivis) auf der Jacke.

  10. Halb? Großzügig. Als jemand der selbst das Vergnügen hat mit Blaulicht durch Wien zu fahren, könnte ich mich echt täglich um Kopf und Kragen ärgern. Jetzt fahr ich halt einfach um einiges langsamer und vorsichtiger zum Berufungsort, spart einiges an Nerven und verhindert mögliche VUs.

  11. Ich habe dieses Vergnügen im semiländlichen Niederösterreich; bei uns sinds dann halt eher die Opas die mit 60 vor dir dahintuckern im Freiland, oder die Leute die dich in Panik ausbremsen.

  12. Aber mit 60 sans doch eh noch fit. Mir graust es immer am meisten, wenn ich 80 jährige aus dem Auto kriechen sehe. Die häufigste Aussage ist dann: „ich muss fahren, kann ja nicht gehen“. Bitter.

  13. Ups, schlecht formuliert, meinte mit 60 kmh.

  14. Weinkeller in Kellergasse ist was anderes als Keller eines Einfamilienhauses. Da sind fallweise auch ganz normale Menschen "wohnhaft". Was sonst mit dieser family faul ist, "entschuldigt" das natürlich nicht.

  15. Hätt ja eher umgekehrt gesagt. Kenn ehrlich gesagt keinen Weinkeller in meiner Nähe, wo wer wohnen würd. Die meisten sind dazu zur Gänze ungeeignet.

  16. My grandfather lost one of his thumbs in a machinery accident of some kind before I was born. Even without it he was still a pretty good mechanic, so think one finger missing is pretty manageable (especially if it’s a pinky finger) but having only two fingers total sounds like absolute hell.

  17. Yea basically and woodworker or similar who is retired due to age is missing a finger at least.

  18. Probably the best known single battle after the Siege of Stalingrad.

  19. Also in the netherlands, but they're usually covered with a pink icing (orange during King's Day) and we call it tompoes/tompouce

  20. Austrian here; we do them too. But I absolutely detest when they put anything besides fluffy sugar on top. Fucking disgusting. I want to taste the vanilla cream, not some icing

  21. "Lebenswerteste Stadt" der Welt und Auto überall, zu jeder Uhrzeit...

  22. Ich fühle Xeis-Vibes… Kan aber grad net ganz zuordnen…

  23. Ist tatsächlich bei dem Thema sehr geläufig.

  24. You can hole punch most credit card style cards, as long as you don't hit the frame (the conducting copper wire is in the frame) or possibly the magnet strip. Not sure about the watermark thing if your gas cards have them, but our gas stations require the cards to be put in with the watermark square outside the card reader, so presumably they arent important for functionality.

  25. We have that and they forget to put it back

  26. That is beyond my comprehension tbh... how does one pull out a card, put it in the terminal literally 2 feet from where they took it from, and then forget to put it back? Do these people forget to put on underwear too?

  27. Yeah but a book doesn’t put actual actors in positions that are unfair and unkind. You can hint at things in a show without showing them. Yet another thing the showrunners screwed up in their massive egotism.

  28. GTA V back when it was considered a masterpiece and not a crime against gaming. Also The Last of Us and Far Cry 3.

  29. Id be majorly impressed if you played GTA5 on PC in 2013.

  30. One thing I miss the least about high school was hearing my alarm at 6:30 am every morning to get up. God damn looking back now I don’t know how 4 years of that shit didn’t drive me insane

  31. If there was a button on the platforms I'm sure it would be broken or accessed by someone who shouldn't just to push it as a "prank"

  32. These buttons exist in a lot of places around the world. Pretty sure in my own city you are no further than 10 seconds of running distsnce from any one emergency stop button when youre on a subway platform.

  33. Thanks mate, appreciate your response. I hope you are right. :)

  34. This guy is right. When I started I could barely understand shit.

  35. Thanks. It still seems silly to require a physician for the above scenario.

  36. Usually done for patients in actually (possibly) life threarenung conditions.

  37. It depends if the delta v is bigger than 30km/h (18.6 mph) I have to. That’s that my SOPs say.

  38. Interesting. In Austria guidelines are generally as the provider sees fit, but under your own responsibility - so when in doubt, most people generally err on the side of caution.

  39. Are you saying this as a professional Redditor? Because yes, you are never supposed to move someone suspected of a neck or back injury.

  40. And the smart Reddit above said to NEVER move someone on the ground. In which case, I couldnt move 50% of my patients without spinal precautions. Which is BS.

  41. YOU the EMT should move the patient at the point it's necessary. Nobody is disputing that.

  42. Yes but the EMS community as a whole has been moving away from spinal precautions, both in internal training AND in public, bystander, layman training.

  43. I think most of them are atheist or agnostics. Just a mixture of highly educated colleagues and friends, and both a traditional but non religious family on my side, and a left leaning, green progressive in the other.

  44. Of course not. But nobody here implied so. Its just a sign that most people would poke a joke at. Nobody is gonna see that store sign and start a 3 hour discussion about their preferred masturbation method or whatever.

  45. Well, in my social circle being a wanker is not well regarded. A bit like pooping, yes, I know you do it, but I don't need to be aware of it.

  46. What social circle is this? Genuinely curious. Fundamentalist religious circle?

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