1. All of them. Even the slimy ones. All. Of. Them.

  2. I guess you can draw a comparison between their concentration camps and our prison system. However the organ harvesting, child labor force (we got issues but we ain’t got factories full of children making shoes), religious persecution, and the crazy surveillance they got up to track people’s movement is far worse than some hick pos that want to get themselves in trouble. All their shit is sanctioned by their federal government, our crazies shit is usually pocketed around the country, but they can be seen and if wanted we can move ourselves around where we don’t have to live in that situation. You can make a move from Huntsville Alabama to San Fran if that’s your dream, I don’t think China has many options.

  3. This is an EXTREMELY ignorant comment hooweee!

  4. This ignores the other messages point though: in the United States, we have issues, but not nearly as bad as the crimes committed by the CCP.

  5. Cool beans! We don't commit genocide on our own people anymore! Oh wait.... We are trying to go back to that in half the US by rolling back rights for women, trans and other LGBT+ people, children, and minorities.... What's the next step in other places that start with all that shit? Hmmm oh! Maybe full on unadulterated genocide?

  6. We went to Omaha for a weekend. Zoo was fine, but we didn't know what to do for the remaining day and a half. Found some neat bar areas, but the city just doesn't cater to younger people. Very much a live in the suburbs, do stuff in your backyard, and commute to downtown type place.

  7. ??? You can't even walk through the whole zoo that fast, if you don't like zoos then I get it, but don't act like that one isn't fucking awesome. You skipped at least half the zoo, if all you did was walk and not stop to look at any animal, you can't be giving a real opinion on that.

  8. Lol dude, I grew up in Iowa. We went to the Henry doorly zoo for field trips. I've been there at least five times. It's a good zoo, but it's still only eats up a half day for me

  9. I genuinely do not understand y'all power walk through a zoo. Like, do you sit and watch anything or just glance and go? I just don't get that.

  10. The penile head is a mucous membrane. The inside of the foreskin is also a mucous membrane, but of the type that keeps the penile head moist (think the inside of your eyelid.)

  11. As a woman I feel like this made me feel less bad about my husband's penis. He's be a lot less happy if I couldn't stick his dick in my mouth. 🤢 No pre-moist dick for me please.

  12. I don't really think you know how basic anatomy works.

  13. I mean, I'm going by what that comment just said?

  14. Guy sounds like he wipes with single squares of 1-ply toilet paper for the thrill of it

  15. LMAO hell yes! My dad's old boss got fired for it, my husband had fired more than one guy for it, and had known several more that have got caught or are under suspicion by everyone else and not trusted. I know other departments they don't gaf though and it's normal to do so. My poor husband got in thinking he'd change things, he started to, and then the new boss came in and is fucking things so bad he's looking for a way out. It sucks.

  16. I have no idea what that last comment was supposed to say, but okay! Have fun with your tinfoil hats and stuff!

  17. Shameless and tone deaf given you just showed you are functionally ignorant on the context of the conversation you just interjected into. I shouldn't even have to point that out but clearly you've demonstrated several times reading comprehension isn't your strong suit. Mama must have fed you fluoride tablets like candies.

  18. It's a tortilla blanket! And yeh hes a crusty old man. Healthy but oh so crusty lol

  19. My son has that same blanket and it didn't even register in my brain what the other person meant for a minute 🤣🤣 like that's just what that blanket looks like.

  20. Hi! Chicken Breast woman here! I still ended up with SUCH an adrenaline rush, and bleeding, that I made it the mile drive to my Mom's house, shaking, and then threw up in her bathroom. I felt like I had just ran for my life and almost died or something, I literally haven't felt that bad after except for getting my fucking teeth pulled, AND THEY DIDN'T LET ME DRIVE HOME!! Yeah. Pain during? None, just weird. But after? My whole body felt like I was cramping and just finished a fight to the death. Even chicken breast woman lied to you. That shit is exhausting and painful.

  21. ... this is my favorite. I also call everyone darlin' and I don't know where it came from. I don't even have a southern accent and don't put one on for it, just say it. Never realized before now, but thinking about it, I do actually use it when unsure of pronouns.

  22. I'll take that! Texas Roadhouse has the best freaking rolls.

  23. They did a fast scrub job online. No Google business results, just this thread.

  24. Yeah I've been emailing the businesses they recently removed to tell them. I'm sure if enough people tell all them they will all lose association.

  25. I had one email me "We were wrongly listed as partnering with them, we just supplied them with parts a few times." Lol so hopefully they don't continue business.

  26. And now we watch our already atrocious mother and child survival rates plummet even further. What's that phrase they were using awhile back ? "Shithole countries"? Yeah. That's like.... US.

  27. It’s a pretty lame flex, the barrier to entry is so low to own a gun. You can buy a decent Glock for around $500.

  28. Sir, I paid $200 for a nice revolver once. Like. It's so low over here c'mon. Not a flex. It's more weird to say you don't have one, TBH.

  29. He was driving on an Sidewalk. He isn’t ready to drive anywhere.

  30. Why are you the first in this thread to point that out??!! Dude should have driven like the rest of traffic and this wouldn't even be a thing?! Don't pass on the right !!

  31. No, the driver should have looked and yielded, or at the very least signaled. Cyclist paths like these have right of way by default (and so do pedestrians technically) when a car needs to cross, not to mention that such cycling paths are also mandatory to use. If something is slow or stopped on the road the cyclist has every right to go past it, its not the Autobahn.

  32. It's on them both because it's a MOTORcycle not a Bicycle. He was driving like a fuckboy and got rocked like one. Driver might have also thought it was an actual cyclist and thought he had time. Motorcycles have to be more aware because of shit like this, dude is the most in the wrong, legally and morally.

  33. It's Titania and Bottom (Henry Fuseli). Gorgeous dress but it's not Gentileschi's work in the print shown.

  34. Yeah I've would have been better if it was. She's the true talent and true feminist icon before feminists. I'm kinda obsessed with her.

  35. Total Hufflepuff. Raging stoner doing stupid muggle magic tricks.

  36. Too many people are doxxing these people and their private information


  38. There is literally an ad on this post for it. Posting about it by name also causes them to post more. Fyi.

  39. Okay for an Update for any who care; they already took down the associated businesses and review quotes with people's names. The website is just their videos and basic info now.

  40. He’s mentally playing a game of chess, and wouldn’t you know it, the moves he are saying is called the “Dutch’s Defense”

  41. I googled the set of moves when I saw this bit and found that out too like "son of a bitch, they're insane with the details."

  42. Thank you, I was hoping for a rescue and not a private owner.

  43. Yea he acts as a toddler because he is a toddler. Toddlers shouldn’t have to even think about things like this and it’s sad when it seems like they have to at times because a parent isn’t paying attention

  44. You sound like a perfect person and would make a perfect parent that would have perfect children that have perfect lives. I'm sure you also know everything.

  45. Dangerous games..... But yeah I totally do🤣🤣

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