1. Stores often get product early. It's supposed to stay in the back but a lot of times floor workers don't know when product is "released" and just set it when it comes in.

  2. I loved Super Crooks. And the opening is a banger

  3. Enhance your weapons and keep soul stones stocked

  4. [[circle of protection: black]] and it comes in each color

  5. Yeeeaaa it’s completely different for men. It’s creepy when men do it to women but a confidence boost for a lot of men

  6. Maybe go on a date. Get to know you better first

  7. Bloodtinge is the stat that affects the damage of guns, and also a few weapons that scale with bloodtinge (such as the Rifle Spear). Bloodtinge increases the damage of these weapons, but otherwise does not affect anything else, other than giving you the +3 physical defense that any level up gives you.

  8. Honestly thank you. This is my first time really playing any kind of souls game so I had no idea what I was looking at. Thanks for the info

  9. I feel this one too well. Went to Tennessee for vacation and I had to try so hard not to switch to a southern accent. Some meme ears of my family have never heard my actual accent because it only comes out when I super relaxed

  10. Batgirl post with a Spider-Man meme. Perfect

  11. Hey gorgeous. Not sure which I love more, your eyes or your lips

  12. Yo that’s epic. And red hood is truly the best

  13. Kinda looks like a 2 player version of Chinese checkers

  14. The spirit of a dead child Cursed to wonder the woods.

  15. I'm very surprised he didn't give more shit talk when he appeared in the faewild

  16. I mean, how many episodes were between them? They didn't even remember they already named him

  17. Does eevee still do the Name evolution cheat? Where if you changed the nickname to 1 of 3 you had a higher chance of getting that one? At least that's always worked for me

  18. Always worth a shot? Best case scenario you get what you want, worst case you get 1 of 7 others. I see no downsides

  19. I have a few, like I have a Rakdos the Showstopper is a mostly burn and effect damage that work to get big creatures out for cheep but that’s about all he does. I also build a hydra deck and picked a random commander who fit the colors

  20. Because either we adapt quickly to the new reality or die. There is no other option. If our MC hesitates or thinks it's just a game they'd drop their guard and die within the first 10 Chapters

  21. Wouldn't call myself a master but I've been playing since blue

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