1. Which version of prey? There are like 3 different games with that same name. Lol

  2. is this the good old pc game or the newer not really that good one that was named Prey and now the devs regret naming it like that ?

  3. I have a german driving license instruction game for the xbox 360, does that count :) ?

  4. Gamestop made a full size case for it. Cardboard sleeve goes where the manual usually does.

  5. That’s actually pretty cool, I never knew that they did that.

  6. Are all of these official collectibles, or are some fan made?

  7. I'd suggest farming a bit before trying that fight.....

  8. As I said, this video was taken a while ago. Now I’m on my fifth(?) NG+ run and am close to level 11 with fully upgraded Zeus armor

  9. If you did it accidentally and cannot recreate it, then no it is not useful.

  10. I have a rough idea of how I did it, so I was thinking maybe speedrunners would be able to recreate it. I did a quick turn right after opening the realm tear, and it allowed me to skip the cutscene that normally plays at the beginning of the fight.

  11. Is he ever going to go back to uploading on Sundays consistently or is he now just going to upload whenever he’s done with a video

  12. Unironically, I would totally play a game which is just Kratos going on an adventure in real life locations in the current day

  13. Alright I’m tired so I think I’m going to stop responding to questions for now.

  14. Wasn't the original release for the previous game marked with a blog post?

  15. This actually happened to me once on the same map, but everyone in the lobby seemed to be experiencing it so I don’t think it was a hardware issue

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