1. You can’t bring back what you have lost. I would say lessons learned and live the rest of the life in a way you feel comfortable. Sorry for what you are going through .

  2. That’s the first thing that comes to mind but obviously i’m desperate for another way. Not going to ride a sinking boat but despite things my feelings for him are making this way more complicated than it should be.

  3. I am amazed to learn that you still have feelings for him even after what he did.You are in a sinking boat that can sink any time. It’s a tickling time bomb

  4. Offer a genuine and sincere apology without defending yourself to your children. Accept responsibility and do what is reasonable to make it right. Make peace with yourself. Choosing to hold onto your guilt forever will only make a bad situation worse over time. Think about the mistake long enough to learn from it, but move past it. Sorry for what you have gone through. Hugs 🤗

  5. I really think I'll should, I'll try to warn as much as people as I can and see how this can escalate.

  6. There’s no warning. You are a minor. He deserves to be put behind bars. He will continue doing the same to others if you don’t put him in his place.

  7. If you can’t trust him , find another one whom you trust. Relationships are based on trust.

  8. If your problem is the cold, you should wear base layers or even knee warmers if its that bad.

  9. If you’re going to sell them do it quickly, once they implant the new editions in all counties they will be worth much much less.

  10. Why’s he insisting you to get into contact with your and his family? What made him change his mind ?

  11. With the kids growing up, I guess he’s looking for a “village” to help look after the kids especially when we are both working.

  12. Communicate with your partner and let him know again , how you feel ?

  13. Why are you over thinking / feeling sad over a spoiled milk ? He didn’t deserve you and was never meant To you . He was just a spoiled brat playing video games.

  14. I don't feel sad over him. I feel sad that someone like him was able to have a relationship while.for.me seems.so difficult.

  15. Why are you underestimating yourself ? Why do you feel you are not worth ? You tried to maintain a healthy relationship but if your partner didn’t want to maintain it’s not your fault. It’s not the end .

  16. In some families, if a boy is born it’s considered as he will forward / take the family legacy.

  17. If it’s something you don’t want to do and he gets angry over it , I don’t see any respect in your opinion for him. I wish you find someone who respects your opinion and boundaries

  18. Take it slowly . One step at a time. Be trustful to each other. Love unconditionally

  19. If you don’t move on from your ex , you will ruin your current relationship

  20. Most probably they are not actually interested in . OR they may has find something better than what you are offering

  21. I don’t know what field you are interested in . If you are dropped out of college , don’t worry .

  22. Some partners earn high salaries, so they can take care of family alone . Some households depends on both income . You need to see what works best for you

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