1. Top of the screen. There'll be a level number and a bar with a percentage in it. Note your current % and add 25% to it. Once you get to that value, try the method described above.

  2. Get the Roaring Mii instead for the same rubies. It's more likely to be useful in future. The Roaring racer is well down the list on Antilevs ratings.

  3. Grind a bunch of tracks. Just keep driving and winning. You are level 17 and 68.9% of the way to level 18. At level 20, 25, 30 etc you get an extra 5 rubies.

  4. Just go to Etsy or Redbubble, they have tons of similar designs available.

  5. Toadette has the better starting coverage but Toad has the better skill. Needless to say, he'll be more worth it in the long run.

  6. We have no idea which will be worth more in the long run. The better skill is advantageous but in the new format, everyone will have him and there's no certainty on the number or quality of his buffs.

  7. They did the same thing with Wintertime Larry.

  8. Hopefully it fares better than the other gold items. Its always nice to get a new glider.

  9. Were pipe pulls really that good? Think about it.

  10. 450 rubies guaranteed you got at least 6 HE items and up to 12 on occasion. You also levelled up the normal and super items, getting coins for dupes. Now 450 coins gets you just 4 discounted HE drivers or 6 discounted karts/gliders. Its a big drop off from 100 items.

  11. I disagree. As I stated in my post "Item you want". Pulling a HE is different from pulling the HE you want (or need). What good is a duplicate, when my ranked is already covered by a better option?

  12. There were spotlights, certain HEs were guaranteed - at least 3 every week. There was also random HEs which were usually old and less exciting. Whether you deemed them worthy of 445 rubies (plus 90 extra items) was up to you.

  13. Changing the Dailly Selects to get HE tickets faster or for cycling the Spotlight shop if you are looking for a specific item

  14. I hate it when gold pipes give duplicates and you get 100 coins, when green pipes can give 1000

  15. Item level, skill plus, player level, and ofc it's a trick tour so there's that

  16. Plus this track has 4 item boxes so its one of the easiest to score big combos on.

  17. Great initiative. There's so many useful tools but not everyone knows how to use them and this is a fantastic way to help share.

  18. Oh I thought those were called base points.

  19. 50cc caps out at something like 20% of the XP available on a course. There's at least 70% available in total, so its not that helpful. Plus, it seems to take longer to get the remainder by driving at 200cc afterwards.

  20. You can get 300 coins per day or 600 if you have the Gold pass. That limit has been there forever. If you are opportunistic, you can collect 1 coin less than the limit then go for a massive haul on the next race and you'll get to keep 300+ or 600+ coins.

  21. You have more than enough coins, if you want it, buy it.

  22. Your rude comment has no relevance. Guy is happy it showed up.

  23. It is specifically forbidden to post this nonsense by the rules. There's nothing rude in my comment. It is entirely factual. If anything, your criticism of my post can be considered rude.

  24. Hit as many of the ramps as possible and make sure to get the coins. I usually go right, left and right again.

  25. The Knight is a fantastic driver, top 10 and has a great item, regularly features in ranked and is buffed every tour still. Builder Mario is bottom 10 HE territory.

  26. These are the kind of details that I'd love to see more regularly. I love crushing those dry bones and often wondered if others were better. I'm astonished at 43. I got them all bar one and still only managed 39!

  27. Aren't they all "free"? I don't recall any costing real money (or rubies/coins etc)

  28. It mustn't have included this tour because every second player I'm up against seems to have a high level DK Mii suit! I'm surprised he does not even feature on the list given the hype about him when first released, yet bizarrely the Dolphin suit is there.

  29. Nonsense. She's not and never was the best Peach. PGP forever!

  30. At least we get coins for duplicate balloons bro

  31. 300 coins is an insult from an allegedly Gold pipe.

  32. Yes, but only if you ignore Volendam and Vacation having better items

  33. I wish the title had “daily selects” in it, this was hard to track down

  34. Yes, search doesn't find the new Daily Selects easily

  35. It'd take a brave hero to have a Coinboxer on Snow Land so hopefully anything North of 130 actions will be sufficient.

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