1. He's not a good competitor. Sure he's drama but it's like lazy drama

  2. I have to knock myself and have a friend reboot me in order to fix this

  3. I love being able to have more races to hit on MK... I will say this tho, I'm not a fan of the MK tour tracks. They feel confusing with how they repeat but also change?

  4. There is 800-1100 players daily... As far as whose actually playing and whose vending on 20 accounts... I couldn't tell you

  5. Cara has always rubbed me the wrong way but Paulie/Cara is just oozing toxicity...

  6. Oh wow, choobs and well baked cookies, that’s some nostalgia!

  7. Yeah I remember that the alliance had a kick it spot in Alde!! I think during that time I was running my Assassin FurryTyrantSin

  8. Honestly I think so. The emblem looks familiar. I'm pretty sure I was there during the 2006 time and I'm shock to see that they were active in 2009? That's kinda crazy

  9. Tbh the whole going back to high insert class always bothered me too

  10. oh god i miss ragial...why goddd why..thanks for the tip btw

  11. Since Ragial went down it's been impossible to gauge prices... Idk why they took it down

  12. EAC got in the way of the bots they used for gathering shop prices. It became too much work so they just stopped.

  13. I always thought that maybe Gravity bought em or something bc for a bit there, whenever you would type in their link it sent ya to gravity's website

  14. I haven't paid shit and I still have fun with the game.. I've been on and off for years so yes.. money can help but you don't need real money to have a good time

  15. Looking to start playing, how is iRO for a new player?

  16. Honestly I think it's easier for new players now. Eden and the quest/gear that is given to you from it makes it easier for new players to get easy exp/easy decent gear

  17. https://forums.warpportal.com/index.php?/topic/152005-shadow-of-pleasure/

  18. I rather have the flare.. I've killed more ppl with the flare than the Charge

  19. IRO has about an avg of 800-1100 players from what I have seen... Now the question becomes how many of those players are actively playing... How many are vending.. how many are bots?

  20. Something we wonder about for a loong time, some (often people that still play the mess of official servers like wizzard from euRO or ashukl from iRO) claim vendor are not included, even if that is the case, a lot of people have at least 1 alt open most of the time, some people even more, so its pretty grim. I think euRO has even less people online per avg. But its not even that important how many people are online in terms of partyplay, few newbies that are dependent on parties play this game, lots of people that are very well geared and not really dependent on it are the majority, some of them will play with a newbie to help him out, which is nice but still uncomfortable for most newbies, to be reliant on somebody, but most people wont bother and will focus on max leveling their alt as fast as possible. For other aspects of the game the people online do matter, but stuff like WoE and PvP is pretty dead on iRO as far as I know, most MvPs are solo or duoable, idk what partyplay, or endgame in general, in RO is worth wasting years of grind for.

  21. The only thing I hear ppl really partying for is ET and stuff like that.. most times it's duo. Even TI is hard to find parties for... It used to be that you could walk in and find a party ASAP, now it's like a couple ppl training huge mobs

  22. I always wonder what happened to old guildie. I got to meet a couple of them in person but sadly we have drifted apart in the years and some have even died due to sad events..

  23. Still working out the rest of the gear, but looking at something like this for stats atm:

  24. I think the SS/Assaulter/Mobster would be a better mix for you. I was using 3x SS on my Sinx back in the day.. sure it was nice to crit constantly... I found that adding that Mobster card added the dmg I needed for the crits

  25. Magic build doram is similar to Warlock builds

  26. What about skills tho? That's what I'm mostly confused about?

  27. Honestly it's probably server lag bc I get that too. I ran League on high settings and my internet speed is good yet I get it from time to time.

  28. That's shitty of them to get mad at you for having a boundary.

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