1. In fairness, Ilya does make me ascend to another plane of existence

  2. Well to be fair it's highly likely that the crown was manipulating him in some way. Magolor can't be ALL bad right?

  3. Well the light novel based on return to dreamland while not canon, does add some things to consider. It's stated that the Lor and Master crown change depending on the user's intent. Since Landia was good and protecting it the crown was dormant and under control, magolor had completely evil intents, leading the crown and the lor to become corrupted and just as bad as him. Luckily, magolor has reformed and realized the error or his ways, becoming a stalwart fren of the Kirb.

  4. I respect Sakurai as he is an incredible developer and has done many things for video game as a whole, but I cannot bring myself to like the man for the clear bias he has. His bias towards his creations goes beyond smash as well, a few years back when Kirby 64, Star allies, and super star all had an anniversary in the same month, of course he celebrates super star and couldn't care less about the games he didn't make. I genuinely think he would not be good with Kirby nowadays because he so stuck to only his creations and everything that Kirby has become would be neglected because he doesn't care about it since he didn't make it.

  5. Every time he brings up Kirby, he always goes out of his way to remind everyone that only the four Kirby games he made exist, and all the others were never made.

  6. Well that second part just isn't true, the man has literally made a youtube channel while attempting to have no ads on it, that his company LOSES money from just to teach people about games. Like I said I don't like him, but I respect him because other than with Kirby he is a genuinely great person.

  7. Do NOT blame the devs. They're trying their hardest to make a game that is still enjoyable to play, blame the higher ups who force them to keep making price changes and anti consumer practices just to make a quick buck.

  8. But it doesn't change the fact you're grouping people who actually care about pvz2 with greedy and money hungry people. It's rude to them who actually want the game to succeed and flourish to be treated like they're the ones ruining it.

  9. Yeah, several companies being involved is definitely a factor here. Contrary to popular belief, it's one of those IP that's not as simple as just "Nintendo".

  10. No idea, but forgotten land got a Japanese guide book. My best guess is a contract ended or HAL themselves decided they don't want them making them anymore since they put quality first and considering Prima seems to make a fair bit of mistakes they don't trust them to make an accurate guide.

  11. It just feels like Nintendo of America is not treating Kirby with enough respect.

  12. That's because it's not their job to localize Kirby merchandise. The only thing Nintendo does with Kirby is publish the games, market them to a western audience, and give HAL feedback on the games. HAL has final say in almost everything Kirby gamewise and Warpstar has final say merch wise and it would make sense that they don't want to risk losing a lot of money by localizing something with a low chance of making a profit back.

  13. This looks like she was going to eat a cursed sandwich, had a brief moment of realization where she gave a call for help, then the subway demon inside her took control again leading to the consumption of the sandwich.


  15. That literally does not change every other point I made

  16. exactly why I said I can’t change your mind lol, goodbye

  17. Let's agree to disagree, see ya man

  18. Good to see most people here understand the masterpiece that is butter building

  19. Well magolor and marx have actually made cakes before, so this is kind of tilted in their favor.

  20. During the lead up to Kirby's 30th anniversary, the kirby official twitter posted an image teasing that some big events were coming up soon back in December that was artwork of Marx and Magolor rushing to make cakes for Kirby's birthday.

  21. I can see cleaning and spider making another comeback since both Broom hatter and Como are in return to dreamland, but I'm not 100% sure if those abilities will be in it.


  23. Some food for thought: Vanpool, the company that helped HAL with Super Kirby Clash and Kirby Fighters 2 (games that were filled with assets from RtDL and the 3DS duology but brought into HD), has apparently been hiring people for an "action game port" (a genre that traditional Kirby games have been described with).

  24. I can see it. HAL does seem to trust Vanpool enough to let them work on projects like that especially since they have publicly thanked vanpool for help with Super clash and Fighters 2 and have vanpool in the special thanks in forgotten land. But like you said, we don't want to get overhyped over something that might not happen.

  25. Thank you so much, I was right about to do this after talking to a friend, phew that was a close one.

  26. Going by it being confirmed ethereal, no it cannot. The other ethereal character, kracko cannot die either. I take it that just like kracko being able to come back as long as clouds exist, morpho can come back as long as there are butterflies. The light novels give a bit of explanation on it too, it's not one specific orange butterfly that is morpho, EVERY orange butterfly has the ability to absorb a powerful soul and become morpho, it seems that the power it gets from absorbing others is shared between the butterflies since star allies states morpho's existence was brought about by absorbing galacta. We'll definitely see it again, since judging by morpho having the biggest part in the knight medley at the 30th fest, and being in forgotten land, I see morpho being a major recurring character in future games and media.

  27. I like how you decided to nerf what is actually the only completely balanced shadow plant.

  28. I am legally obligated to do anything Ilya asks of me.

  29. My good friend, I also have attempted staff, but had given up. My advice is to take your time with the bosses and make sure to keep a safe distance since staff has some decent ranged attacks.

  30. I’d like to mention that, while this is only theory, they probably used the 64 version as a base because it’s easier to envision it as much bigger than normal Dedede. Bigger Dedede means a more read-able boss fight. Just theory, but that’s what my game design senses tell me.

  31. Actually the design being similar to 64 is not a callback at all. To quote kumazaki from the interview: "It is true that his look is similar to that of “Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards”, but I feel that it was a result of the design process, not a conscious decision. However, the person in charge of the design was Kenichiro Kita, who has been involved with the games since around the time of “Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards”, so he redesigned it to fit the worldview of the game, and it ended up with a very wild design. Perhaps it was a natural progression that he ended up looking like Dedede from “Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards”.

  32. Huh, neat. That note about “part of the design process” does lend a bit of credibility to my idea about needing to be a bit bigger for boss fight reasons.

  33. Probably true, but the 64 like design is just like he said a "natural progression"

  34. When fleur tornado is maxed out it makes dark nebula look like a difficult boss compared to chaos elfilis, something storm tornado can't do because of the way it throws projectiles compared to fleur tornado.

  35. Aloe is (debatably) the worst Plant in international, so that ain't much

  36. At least it does something that helps in some way, levitator literally helps the zombies live

  37. They are the only other character besides kirby to be in every single kirby game, so they have to make sure they keep their perfect attendance. I'm not just saying this either, HAL has made it clear they want waddle dees to have perfect attendance.

  38. At this point I just feel bad for the little fella. Sure he is now the worst plant in the game and without a doubt terrible to use in any scenario, but my goodness I have never seen a community have such a hate boner over one thing.

  39. Doenst make it any less bs 20 bucks for a fucking baby potato mine it’s like their trying to rip people off

  40. That's not a problem with levitator, that's a fundamental issue with the game having terrible prices.

  41. This update is what broke the camel's back for me. All of these unnecessary changes that just make the game a LOT worse. I tried to stay positive with the recent updates, but this one is just awful. I can no longer support this game, nor will I play it unless some major changes are made to fix the game. Knowing what has been happening for the past few years I don't think the changes needed will happen and so I don't plan to play/support it for the foreseeable future.

  42. The overview trailer addressed all my main concerns with the game too. There's a lot of levels that seem to have their own unique twist, and I was worried there would be only a few levels. A good amount of abilities, including the return of hi-jump, wheel, and burning as a separate ability from fire. And a built in battle pass with the game that DOESN'T cost extra money to unlock everything on it. The return of several colored Kirbys, and great customizables for the Kirb as well as the cookies that show characters from across the series. All for a VERY reasonable price of $15.99. HAL put a lot of hard work into this game, which is shocking considering forgotten land came out only 6 months ago.

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