1. Birdtown here and my Verizon 5g Is slower than me in the morning and that ain't good

  2. Slap stick comedy is the real term and fuckin ay right hand down best in the biz rip Mr dunsworth

  3. I got on stage with randy and Jim in Lakewood back in the day at a show and trailer park Boys best show to med to

  4. I did! Will report back after I try them

  5. Who gives a fuck how many milligrams u dumb shit most people post to boast just take your medicine and explain what it did for your condition I promise none of u dumb assholes could handle a damn bit of of my consumption I have ptsd and this program meant the world to me so quit bragging about shit group or I'll stopp burning and start exposing u non med ass hats who just want bud this ain't rec and if u want to fuckin brag dm me and I'll set up your ass whooping properly

  6. Try it all try it all they recommended that but ubfind what works for u 😉

  7. I got the zip of it so tasty a bit low on the th c but very good burn 🔥 or vapen been told lol

  8. Buy a puffco peak and rip dabs it's changed my game up the puffco will run 150 to 200 bucks but will save cash in long run and boom works every time

  9. Was just there last week and the flower is really the only difference between med and rec but an oz is an Oz if u medicate a lot 100 Oz over our 100 half Oz more like 140

  10. 5 to 6 grams plus vapin my pen plus rso and about a quarter gram of globs but I have ptsd from the depths of he'll no man or woman should ever know but hey that's just me lmao

  11. Try the Chem strains cultivated by them so tasty can't ever grow wrong with the sunny grown terps

  12. Do people think we as a group complaining is really prevalent take the meds and be greatful it will get better it's night and day since it's first dispensary opened it's doors iv had my car before any dispo opened but email the cultivator and for the love of peace would everyone quit complaining

  13. Hell yeah, the wife and I were at the expo as well. I was a little disappointed with the event but atleast you won some cool shit.

  14. Damn congratulations! I was there & didn’t even know it was up for a contest!

  15. It was the booth and u had to prove u ordered a product in front of them and then spinna wheel I won the last one of the day I was so happy because I would never pay the money for one and thanks

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