1. Fxxking CEO. I Think that he engaged in short , ASTR Stcoks. He is a worst CEO to shareholders

  2. It likes a fraud to everyone. And they compensate to us. Plz save me.

  3. Your posts are complete garbage, rambling about how you know nothing about investing. PLEASE STOP. I can literally feel myself getting dumber as I read them.

  4. So just ignored my text. Because of people like you, ASTR didnt open their info so far. And Astra dont think about us.

  5. Plz tell me that now it is good news??? I dont understand this situation.

  6. This post is dumb as fxxk….. please go buy Russian government bonds.

  7. Nope. Just see your stock. Pre -25%. Its a exact price. Just verify for launch.

  8. From this year, the first hell door was opened. And today, maybe the second hell door will be opened.

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