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  1. That was the longest comment thread I’ve ever gone thru.

  2. Ur living glass half-empty if you see that as an insult

  3. Well he has the right to feel insulted after those comments are. He still a human. He deserved hates.

  4. This is a genuine question: Do ppl really make profiles like this on Tinder expecting to attract anyone? What’re the odds this is someone using his likeness to spite em or to meme?

  5. Shinobi is the most fun character to use (Probably still among the worst to fight against; it’s been like 2 years since I’ve played tho)

  6. Damn, so I heard it right! I heard it from my house but it sounded too quiet to be a gun. Must’ve been far away.

  7. Damn, so I heard it right! I heard it from my house but it sounded too quiet to be a gun. Must’ve been far away.

  8. Wtf is with all these non-sequitur comments i keep getting

  9. You shouldn’t wear a band/artist t-shirt if you can’t name at least one of their album

  10. That's...a really good point. Some kind of droplet was sliding down his cheek.

  11. That’s weird fuckin way of making it look like he’s crying lol

  12. Is Vigilantes canon? And also what’re the odds that we’ll get an anime adaptation?

  13. This is like peak-insanity that I’ve seen on this sub.

  14. this is normal everyday stuff for my dad. there’s wayyyyy crazier stuff, i can dig it up and post sometime

  15. I mean shit I’ll eat it up if you post more. Not to take away from the shittiness of your experience growin up w/this guy (from what I’ve gathered from ur replies).

  16. I can’t believe how common this is haha. We’ve been saying this shit for years. But honestly I think the joke has effectively been killed from my perspective, coming from my friends. I hate hearing it now.

  17. Holy fuck realizing that I connect over shared information and others over shared experiences is nuts. I always just said other people are more narrative driven but this is a perfect way of explaining it

  18. As someone who is not on the spectrum, reading that line was pretty mind-blowing. Such an intriguing concept.

  19. This is the coolest fucking Pokemon I’ve ever seen

  20. I adore dragonflies. Tend to be the chillest bugs. Have had a surprising amount of interactions w/many dragonflies.

  21. So, like Henry? And giant poop? Dross sure has its fair share of secrets...

  22. Ah, I didn’t realize the desire sensor was so closely tied to quantum mechanics. An observation needs to be shared in order to collapse the wave function to something preferable.

  23. Nowhere. It gives you a stat up. It apears when you have the moon item from the planetarium

  24. Goddamit yet another new feature i never knew about this game. Is that the specific ability of the Moon item? Or does it have another purpose.

  25. You can also end up in IAMERROR room if you throw your body as T.Forgotten in crawlspace.

  26. How tf am I still discovering/finding out secrets and details about this game

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