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Hajime no Ippo: Round 1403

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  1. 20 years ago, he was already retired and watching Ricardo demolish Wally lol.

  2. Bruhh really? I thought the coach was partially mad at ippo for betting it all in the first exchange

  3. Ippo went Prime Mike Tyson on the guy. Anyone would have the same expression on their face after that.

  4. I think that's the point possibly. To show Ippo the perfection of boxing fundamentals he is currently grasping whilst being a coach/trainer by using the freakish ability of both Wally and Sendou in parallel to the simplistic excellence of boxing that is Ricardo. Imagine if a man like Ippo would perfect the basics of boxing. He's already such a phenom of power and will on his own. Also seeing these 2 dominoes fall before him may be the exact motivation he needs to return.

  5. I’m curious how Wally will respond to finally tasting Ricardo’s power. He most likely won’t be tanking many of them but the rest of this match is all gonna depend on whether he gets up determined or fearful.

  6. I worry about Wally's punch resistance too, seeing that love taps from Ippo was enough to rob him of his legs. According to Date, even though they're not quite the same, he was able to survive Ricardo's barrage exactly because he tasted the power of Ippo's punches.

  7. Ha! The joke’s on you, as a girl who watches porn, I don’t have sex at all

  8. Yeah, sure. MJF. All 5'11" of you can get Conor. Stay in your lane.

  9. Ricardo simply memorized Wally's tempo then timed him with the jab. When he started landing, he used feints to further make the unpredictable Wally predictable then nailed him with a right to get the knock down.

  10. Does this conflict with his fight against Date at all? I swear he channelled some beastly boxing in that fight.

  11. I don't think Wally has hit Ricardo with a shot as strong as what Date did with his broken hand or Sendo did in his spar, thus Ricardo not going into his brawler style.

  12. Cornette with Billionaire Ted's money vs. Cornette with Shad's money. Who wins?

  13. Turns out getting severe concussions back-to-back with at most 4 to 8 months of rest inbetween will give you the damage and symptoms near enough to CTE, that it might as well be it.

  14. There are Roberto Duran references. Just no fighter based off of him as far as I know.

  15. Takamura. Takamura is two fighters... Shinji Takehara and Roberto Duran.

  16. Ippo takes place from the early 1990s to the early 2000s, so you get to see Ippo and many other characters progress and evolve through the years before your eyes without a timeskip (arguably, time is dilated instead), leading to interesting stories.

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