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  1. It's for a charity auction they are doing where people can buy the original couch from the d0g3 meme.

  2. I'm so happy they made a block button for users like you because this comments makes you sound like a bitter as fuck.

  3. “Everyone” includes veterans, apparently that wasn’t obvious

  4. Well, yeah, but each type of person comes with their own issue. So not "everybody" has the same needs or issues as veterans.

  5. They're no proof of shares in Al1b4b4 and no proof of shares in N0rdstr0m.

  6. Going from a baby face to a chiseled face. Congrats, homie! Keep it up!

  7. Straight from the crooked horse's mouth: Rigged all along.

  8. So many downvotes so quickly. Feels like lowkey suppression. Who would downvote this?!

  9. I'm guessing it's your title saying you will "BODY" people who don't sign at the "party." You're not gonna do nothing because true apes never party in groups and expose their identity. Also, who gets motivated by violence? Lol

  10. A good ape knows a jest when he sees one.

  11. I get the jest, but you also assume too much that you know what people here think. These are individual investors from very different backgrounds. There is no way you can know how everyone thinks

  12. Can't wait until you get removed and hopefully banned for this nonsense.

  13. See that’s the thing. You get removed for being a shareholder and having a differing opinion on how to hold your shares. Do you see fault in that? If not, perhaps you are the bitter one?

  14. Nah, it's you're wrong and have no claims or proof. You have one article and spinning tales on nothing.

  15. Like I said in the original post, I love Byron's work on DeFi and education but as a hype man, he really sucks at it.

  16. I can boil water in a 20 gallon pot with all the hot air from Bryon and "future changes coming soon" tweets.

  17. I think a lot more viewers would connect with that, yeah. But like I told my wife, even though they’re shoving LGBTQ to the viewer, the story and message remains the same.

  18. Shoving or maybe you're not used to it and feel uncomfortable seeing it which is why you're bring it up? Just because it isn't the norm in your world doesn't make it the same case for everyone else.

  19. Yeah for sure, just seemed like they tried to hard to shove it down the viewers throat.

  20. Compared to the million shows dumping man-woman relationships since the dawn of television, I'm pretty sure TLoU isn't shoving anything down. It's probably you're not used to it, which is fair.

  21. Please no more AI nonsense. That is as low quality as posts get here.

  22. Remember, Mick was part of the office that removed financial laws and added more laws to protect/help the rich so I would take his works with a grain of salt.

  23. I can hate whatever i want and theres not 1 thing you or anyone on this planet can do about it.

  24. Translation: "I wanna hate to protect my insecurities."

  25. I don't got to love anyone. I respect and appreciate the hard work RC is doing and would happily invest in the work he's doing in GME (again and again and again).

  26. Lol, imagine thinking you know me through my comment history. Based of yours, you don't know anything that goes on here.

  27. Source below to actual news article since FX doesn't always tell the truth.

  28. Exactly. They're still using PsyOps at any chance they get.

  29. All AI art posts are straight garbage, including this one

  30. Yeah, to let other people know it's a waste of time.

  31. I never said it would amount to anything, that’s why it doesn’t have a TA flair. It’s marked as speculation/opinion. Maybe shitpost would have been more fitting.

  32. Gotcha on the flair part. You're the few that don't use TA for these posts.

  33. Nah, you say that because you're stupid. You go from this to making Tate God.

  34. I know. You sound as hateful and stupid as he does.

  35. But he didn't discredit the picture though, just the author, who has been known to say crazy stuff online.

  36. Being JackRLord's dad and fucking his mom/sister to make JackRLord.

  37. Yeah, I do. It’s sucks bc the majority of them have been ruined. This site is becoming (or already is) Facebook.

  38. Again, not the sub to talk about your issues about trading subs on reddit and if we're not talking about GME, I couldn't care less.

  39. If their motto is serve and protect then why didn’t they serve by trying to protect the young children inside the building?

  40. Why don't you ask the shitty cops that failed their job?

  41. Because you made the comment about protect and serve earlier.

  42. Yeah, I meant to write it as the cops "should have" serve and protect, but misses it and came out unclear.

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