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  1. Don’t worry about being cliche; I specifically designed the Detective scholar (I originally called it Vigilante scholar) to be like Batman. :)

  2. Oh that's awesome, I love your creation! Any advice on what maneuvers/discoveries to take?

  3. Ah I see, I was looking for a class similar to warlock and I saw the scholars discoveries and assumed it was some mix of Bard and warlock. I didn't realize the other classes had something similar. Thanks for the insight and advice!

  4. I had low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. It doesn't quite taste like fuego takis though, but it's good in its own way.

  5. The quick escalation is so relatable. My N mom will text me and if I don't reply within minutes will flip out, even if I'm at work. Takes hours to respond to my messages tho.

  6. Idk they still taste the same to me. I just had a bag yesterday. Maybe you got a bad batch? That seems to happen a lot lately.

  7. Maybe. Or I guess it could have something to do with the food I ate directly before them?

  8. That could do it. What was it? I know sweet/sour stuff destroys my palate.

  9. There are two cameras. Are both of them not working? Aka in the camera app tap the different zooms both 0.5 and 1x.

  10. I tried swapping in the camera app and both are black. I tried all zooms and had the same results.

  11. the events tend to be fairly unpredictable, as they are most often targeted at single pokemon.

  12. Thanks for the reply! I see, so it's probably gonna be a while since I just missed 2 opportunities I'm guessing.

  13. thatd be my guess. but with how hard people are pushing for for more regular legacy events, maybe theyll listen (lol)

  14. I'll keep my hopes up then! I was also wondering is there a way to get legacy moves after evolving? I evolved a shundo into a sceptile a while ago. Is it possible to get legacy moves with that one or am I out of luck?

  15. Personally the blue takis are spicier than fuego for me, but they're super inconsistent. Sometimes they have no heat and other times it burns. Overall blue takis don't have as much flavor as fuego, so I stopped getting them.

  16. Now i know now why my bags have been having excessive amounts of powder..

  17. Perfect balanced, as all things should be.. honestly though, sorry for your loss. I've had a bag like that and its a bummer.

  18. I've been eating takis for over 10 years and I've never come across a burnt one. I guess I should consider myself lucky.

  19. The giant ones are always a blessing. I pray I get one everytime I open a bag.

  20. Wow I didn't expect Lissandra to have such low wr, she's literally amazing for ARAM

  21. I agree. I also recently learned of an op combo on her. She can throw her E behind her, then snowball in and Q +W the enemy team and E back to safety. If you do it quick enough it's pretty insane.

  22. Why is veigar so low? Huge stun and infinite scaling. Not to mention an insane nuke. I've also seen people max his E and completely shut down whole teams.

  23. BFMX says:

    not yet, i just checked :(

  24. Damn, that really got my hopes up.. RIP

  25. Yeah, I think he only dominates when people don't know how to counter or have completely garbage comps that are already gonna lose from champ select.

  26. I'm pretty sure ap nunu has a pretty terrible win rate on ARAM. Cc destroys him completely and he usually can only hit 1 person. I think it feels like hes broken because when he wins he "snowballs' hard. Honestly tho, I usually just see nunus that feed and have like 6 deaths in 5 mins.

  27. Really nice wombo, but IMO nothing compares to a well timed Malph/Ori/Yasuo combo

  28. Omg yeah, I recently discovered Malph/Ori combo with a duo. We never reroll these champs now and get it a couple times a week. It's a 2 man team wipe nuke.

  29. I saw someone talking about gathering storm being op in ARAM. I looked at the tool tip and thought it was useless because games never go long enough. Little did I know. Since ARAM is a permanent mode, you'd think Riot would change the tool tips to let you...

  30. I had the Han and Chewbacca ones that merged to form the Millenium Falcon!!! Memories unlocked.

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