[OC] Girlfriend broke up because I wanted a dog. Got my dog though

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Laid my best friend to rest. She saw every bit of the lower 48 states by freight trains, planes, clapped-out cars and boats. I was building a sidecar to get her to Alaska when the seizures started. Loving her changed my life and losing her has done the same. Writing a eulogy in the comments.

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  1. That dog is cute as a button. Your ex missed out twice. Feed her fishheads

  2. Shes a beaut. You got the hook up on adjustable control arms? Or longer ones. I need more angle on my s10 something fierce.

  3. I just made the control arms longer, the lowers by 2-1/8th and the uppers by 1.5, longer uppers also gives you more castor.

  4. We're you able to back the factory tire rod ends off enough to make em work or did you get longer tie rods? Stock knuckles? Did you do anything to correct for Ackerman? Sorry for so many questions

  5. Search for Russian Volga parts they must be compatible those two cars are nearly the same

  6. Interesting. Mustang 2 suspension or 49 chevy suspension? I will look into it Thanks

  7. People tell me to paint it like that but after totalling and rebuilding it twice, and chopping the roof and donating enough body panels I kind of just like the clear to show all the battle scars

  8. As a patriot, it's my civil duty to let my fellow citizens know where speed traps are. Shamelessly

  9. Also, the photo radar machines occasionally flash during routine calibration. Seeing the camera flash does not automatically mean you were caught speeding.

  10. If I want to disappoint two people at once I’ll go out to dinner with my parents

  11. Dinner with my parents? If I wanted to disappoint 2 people at once I'd have a threesome

  12. Why. Why do people have to suck so much. Pretending to be an addict for what?! Get me off this rock

  13. I got my pup when she was only 2 months old, she was laying in a small dumpster filled with bugs and shit, got her cleaned up and we've been together for almost 5 years. She's a fucking blessing, and even tho she's young and healthy, not a day goes by without me thinking about the day she leaves this place for good. Fuck. It hurts like a motherfucker even imagining it. I will be forever grateful that she's part of my life, and broken after she's gone.

  14. I'm so sorry for you loss. Losing an animal friend has always been the toughest for me, there's just something so unfair about it. They give you unconditional love and affection, you are their entire world. I've never experienced such a pure love as I have with a pet.

  15. Thanks man. Unconditional love in exchange for scraps is hard to beat. We foster alot of animals on the trap farm. It's gonna have to fill the void for now.

  16. Thanks, folks. I updated his image to the last image I had of him when he was riding the rails...

  17. I sent you a direct message that hopefully might help you. Take care and godspeed

  18. I'm right there with you. Upgraded to the pixel4 for that 2x optical zoom. Then found out they got rid of the wide angle on the 4 for some stupid reason and the 3 I had took pictures just fine. I feel like a patsy.

  19. Im poor and i think its classy as hell to get these weekly checks right now. Shiiiiit

  20. gosh I'd love to try it. What advice would you give to a first timer? What do you wish you knew before your first time?

  21. Unfortunately the only safe advice I can give you is to go with someone that knows what they are doing. You ever find yourself in the American delta, that person could be me. Two best pieces of advice I can give you come from my experience. Always have something heavy on your sleeping bag when you climb out of it for any reason. There's no worse feeling than waking up to see what's goin on and having your only sense of home being vacuumed off the train. I thought I knew what a long night was. I had no idea. Nothing like doin jumping jacks to stay alive all night. Also don't let your water freeze. It really sucks spooning a block of ice to get a sip. And lastly, if you meet a guy with "horse shit" tattooed on his face, he will tell you about how he hopped coast to coast with nothing but a tarp and a gallon of piss. I'm pretty sure he's trying to tell a joke but I really can't tell.

  22. Holy hell, the Trump squad is more upset in this thread than the Bernie people. Motherfuckers are terrified of another blue wave.

  23. Ain't happening. Get ready for another four years of grab her by the ****

  24. This is the most portishead shit I've heard in a minute. Good for editing video to. Thanks stranger

  25. Hinkle is no longer a hump yard. Should do work and roll on, from what i understand. UP hss closed 5 hump yards this year. Hinkle being one of them

  26. I really love this picture. It's damn near impossible to get really clean compositions when shooting groups of people like this in the wild. that "messiness" is part of the beauty of street photography to me. when people mention the background subjects heads cut off and all that I feel like its a great sign that your picture drew them in long enough to notice all that. Those peoples faces aren't important to the scene at all but their bodies do show that its a very public kinda even bustling place which adds to the story to me. On first glance aquamans hands seem to be unnessarely important and are kind of distracting but thats really the only thing that jarred me. I don't think the contrast is too high or the shadows are too black etc.

  27. I chipped my front teeth badly like that. The pain was unbearable. I couldn't imagine living like this. I was lucky to have been able to get mine fixed. I feel terrible for this guy.

  28. Bless you my child. Welcome to the trash class. Im currently saving up for mexico for some badly needed dental work. The fish antibiotics arent holding it off like I hoped

  29. She didnt mean too though, she was cartwheeling down the bar when he stood up and turned. I know yall wont believe that but its the truth

  30. Had the same issue, my neighbor was helpful and told me where it was. He had a map from the city engineers office that showed location, but not depth. We found the manhole cover in the street and dropped a weighted string down to the bottom and came back with 14’ I dug for days! If you look in the street and see manhole covers or look for drains in the curb, if might help you pinpoint location. I’m thinking you’re in midtown/downtown at 120 years old. Most of the sewers seem to follow streets and alleys around here. Mine was cast iron to terra cotta too.

  31. Yo. Thank you. Thats a qreat idea. The closest manhole is a block down but that should give me an idea. I will cry if its 14 feet.

  32. Depends. Anywhere from 6’ to 18’. Make sure to dial 811 for your locates. It’ll tell you where and how deep sometimes.

  33. Ah. I see now that " ' " equals feet and " " " equals inches. Im not an educated man. Man i hope its on the shallow end of those estimates you gave me. Thanks again

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