1. Cymanti has already been nerfed, when hexapods were made 3 stars instead of 2. Cymanti is also hard countered by knights, since centipede segments are one shot by knights, and cymanti early game relies on spamming small units, so I don’t think they need a nerf.

  2. I can imagine zebasi growing a forest on that tile just to burn it and make a farm

  3. Cymanti neutral? This guy does not know what he's talkin about

  4. He said he doesn’t play cymanti so he can’t rank them fairly

  5. The funny thing is that crazy AI would behave exactly the same way. Different levels of difficulty don't differ in how clever or aggressive they are (or not) but only in the initial number of stars the capital provides.

  6. 2 updoots and I’ll finish the easy bot off

  7. It doesn’t count towards any city’s unit cap

  8. Resources actually have a higher payout that workshop has:

  9. I still think workshop is better because although resources returns itself in one turn, resources gives you a flat 5 stars. Picture this: (assume both cities, 1 with resources, 1 with workshop, make the same stars per turn w/o the workshop buff) Resources start with 5 more, but if the workshop is down for more than 5 turns, it beats resources, and every turn after that is an extra star

  10. It should work with even fewer units as well. I did some testing of this about a year ago (although I did test enemy pushing). Thanks for reminding me btw, will look for situations to use it ingame

  11. I actually figured it out because I did it in game so it is possible

  12. No, this part is the end, I just had the idea to boost them after the original post

  13. Finally, a worthy opponent. Our battl e will be legendary.

  14. Oh wow you basically found the same thing as me

  15. No, I just found Oumaji city named Hahamu.

  16. For mid spawns, get mind benders. The ai doesn’t know how to properly deal with them, and with so many units coming in, you will be able to just steal to build your army.

  17. If you spawn close to the enemy, I think training and boosting a second warrior on t2 is better because 2 boosted warriors can siege a city (edit: a city with a warrior, archer, or rider)

  18. I think that Aquarion should start with organization, but instead of harvesting fruits, aquarion can place special 4 star structures in shallow water that give the city 1 population when placed

  19. The ciru bug basically mind controls it’s victim, so I think it still makes sense

  20. Geometry dash players: am I a joke to you?

  21. My fav is B. Rex, so Im not screwed at all because dinosaurs went extinct

  22. Churchill is S+, his tank has infinite pierce, and if there are regrows, you get the next 8 heroes for free and basically win, not to mention he’s basically a screen wipe. Mega Super Monkey is A- for being able to somewhat recreate what Churchill does (This is just my opinion). Also I saw a comment wondering how Churchill’s undeploy mechanic works, and I can answer that. If Churchill doesn’t hit anything with the actual tank body for long enough, he undeploys.

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