1. Wow, yup, that's natto! Good job. How did you do it?

  2. Watched natto dad with a combination of instant pot youtubers. Experiment and experiment!

  3. Mine never gets that snotty and I’ve made it several times using Emmy’s instant pot adaptation of Natto dad. Is there anything you can particularly suggest that made the difference?

  4. I removed the sealing ring and used food thermometer to wait for the beans to cool down around 41-43 celcius before inoculating w store bought natto. Make sure to keep the ip vent open. Sealing reduces aeration. Also, used tissue paper as cover instead of emmy’s double plastic wrap.

  5. I think we can all agree that the next spot belongs to Kitana.

  6. I'll give my honest feedback as a fellow homemade natto maker.

  7. Already making a third batch. Thanks for the feedback.

  8. Did it not turn out like this the first time?

  9. It looks a bit loose, like the fermentation might have stalled. Could you go through what you did to make this? How did you cooked the beans, what you used as a starter, how you fermented it, etc.

  10. I have a feeling i made a mistake on not fully draining the water after pressure cooking the beans. I removed most of the water by pouring but didn’t strain them. So they were moist before fermenting. Maybe that’s why it isn’t sticky enough?

  11. I used my instant pot. Pressure cook on high for 55 minutes. Store bought natto. Fermented on yogurt setting for 24 hours. Copied this vid:

  12. Hydra looks tacky as fuck and im not sorry. DRAGON SUPREMECY

  13. But i love the color blue and the glowing emerald eyes

  14. Will couch coop be available for early access and open beta?

  15. There is no decay, but if you've played any matches after hitting GM and lost same or more than you won, you risk being updated to Master 1 at the end of the season and getting master rewards instead.

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