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  1. it is your opinion, showing similar looking panels and saying “this makes him his successor” is wishful thinking, it is how YOU interoperate it, nothing else

  2. Erwin stated in his final moments that "We will die, and entrust the future to those who live on."

  3. "just don't be sexist or racist" does nothing to address the structural issues. Progress requires actual work to dismantle and destablish harmful systems.

  4. Stopping the spread of racism and sexism starts with people refusing to perpetuate sexism and racism.

  5. "this is how we got Kayne. So oppressed..."

  6. Similar for me too - fiancé, 6 years, brutal. Hoping it just takes time and a lot of remembering what normal feels like. We got this buddy

  7. Hey man, I'm not an artist. I'm secure enough in myself that I don't have to pretend to be one.

  8. So you can't identify a thief, a victim or anything that was stolen, but your hurt feelings insist otherwise.

  9. Mate, if you claim AI or Human art as yours, you're a thief.

  10. I'm sure you have objective proof for that

  11. Is the human artist "the intelligence" or are they receiving creative energy from outside? The explanation you gave it too simple to explain what this is.

  12. Artificial Intelligence is essentially just a machine that was forcefed thousands and thousands of pieces of human art and essentially asked to rote memorise what made those art pieces work.

  13. Humans are just biological algorithms doing the same thing you mentioned. Every dish is different, there is no ultimate pasta example. Experience is important with food, just like with art, as the company one is with can change the flavour of the food.

  14. Sorry, I believe that the person who makes the food is the chef and the person who eats it is the customer.

  15. As a gay man in the Bible Belt, I was called a lot of things over the years and I never once kicked in someone’s window.

  16. Well, he’d be punished for busting out a window. It doesn’t really matter what happened before that, it’s a go to straight to jail move.

  17. Oh, I agree, he should be punished for breaking the window. It's just sad that adults can go call kids the N word over and over until they snap, and then laugh as policeman throw them in jail. Something's broken somewhere.

  18. I know it's been said, but women care so much less about this than men.

  19. Im just saying for the memes but to be fair titan folk when manga ended was one of the most toxic communities i have ever seen

  20. AoT was a ten year manga that ended with "Genocide is OK if it's for your friends," and had a slave girl in love with a pedophile in it lol.

  21. Hey, you're going to read about how women bad and you're going to enjoy it!!!!

  22. Yep, giving zero warning and then making them watch a depiction of hardcore rape is just a recipe for resentment of both Berserk and the person who tricked them into watching it.

  23. Is like you want to present someone to Game of Thrones, but you show first the sex scenes.

  24. You tell them "Just Fyi there are some dark things like rape and violence, is that OK?"

  25. Type whatever you want to see into the Midjourney prompt bar and it'll make it in like 30 seconds.

  26. Midjourney Customers everywhere: "Look how much I improved as an artist!!!"

  27. You're an artist, it's your medium, just ignore the ban. Paint over it.

  28. Agreed. Ever since they turboflushed their country with Brexit,the need to flaunt their old mastery over us has diminished.

  29. I'm aware, though I was thinking that his love of the character would influence multiple aspects of the story. Levi's personality is quite similar to Rorshach, that kind of noir voice, the fact he's supposedly quite ugly (in-story, obviously fans find Levi attractive lol, but canonically he's supposed to be a tired short-stature malnourished gremlin).

  30. AI Art like MJ are indeed very spectacular and their advancements not to be underestimated, but let's not kid ourselves, we're just banking off of centuries of people dedicated to the craft of art so it's kind of icky to flex that we can make pictures with simple prompts. Leonardo da Vinci dedicating 16 years to the Mona Lisa is still much more amazing than just typing in an AI prompt. There's a difference between an easy to use picture generator and actual dedication to art.

  31. In fairness, you aren't making anything, the computer is lol.

  32. "I ordered a sandwich from Subway, that makes ME the Sandwich Artist!"

  33. Yes, they should, because if you are only happy with perfection, you'll never be happy.

  34. That’s why I said he should warn her about that before starting the show.

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