I'm not a Muslim anymore.

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  1. Stop listening to idiots on reddit who believe in this shit. Namaste.

  2. Only busked once, but it was very difficult to perform without amplification. Anything that is lower in pitch just doesn't work, your voice won't carry properly and is often drowned out by your instrument. If you're a baritone you're fucked lol.

  3. That's poetic. I'd love to hear more, but of course it's a sensitive subject and understandable if you don't want to share.

  4. I don't have an answer for you, only empathy, as I feel the exact same way. I have plenty of good friends and family, yet choose to isolate myself. I delete all social media and put my phone on flight mode so I can't receive texts and calls, and isolate in a room for days or even weeks. Obviously this is very unhealthy behaviour.

  5. I find the term "awakening" to be almost valueless because like this list it tends to be a jumble of psy-pop. self delusion, and toxic positivity

  6. "Toxic positivity". Damn, I've never heard that phrase, but it describes this sort of stuff perfectly.

  7. I used to draw and paint. Now I can't stand looking at a blank paper, I don't feel anything, I don't understand the need to create art. It doesn't seem functional or practical to me. I can't remember why I liked it so much before.

  8. Same. Can't stand instruments, tried to play guitar again and I am just creatively bankrupt, it doesn't mean anything to me anymore. I used to not be able to go a few hours without listening to music, and now I haven't listened to a song in weeks.

  9. Becoming aware of my thoughts and feelings is quite natural to me as someone who has mediated for some years as well as coming from a Non Dual background.

  10. Not pertinent to your post, but can you talk about your understanding of non-duality, and how you came to that understanding?

  11. Wow, inspiring read, thank you so much for taking the time to write that up.

  12. This was really insightful. Great way of explaining it, thanks.

  13. You'll be OK. I've been there before, my first serious bout with insomnia I didn't sleep for like 6 weeks, just micro-sleep and bits here and there. Had hallucinations, paranoia, all that lovely stuff.

  14. Lyrica withdrawal effects can make you kill yourself, I’ve been on heroin and it was alot easier to stop it than lyrica, please try stopping lyrica and take gabapentin to ease the withdrawal effects. I’ve been abusing gabapentin to the limit that I was taking 9000/day to get that euphoric effects of heroin but it turned me into a ruthless monster I used to get into fights and beat the shit of everyone. Now I only take 800/day and it gives me the sense of well being and it’s way easier to take control of your mind over your demons.

  15. Can confirm. Was taking 1500mg-3000mg doses of pregabalin last year and end up trying to kill myself and waking up in ICU because the w/d's were that bad.

  16. I've never withdrawn from Xanax, do a slow taper though if you're planning to withdraw from benzos, cold turkey could kill you.

  17. Taking large doses is nothing to brag about, I was taking up to 3 grams last year because I didn't do my research and all I earned was a dunce cap and a suicide attempt that landed me in ICU. The withdrawals from such doses are an inescapable hellscape that lasts for months and make death seem like a better alternative.

  18. My best advice is: Suicide is no option because you have to outlive your enemies.

  19. This axiom that life is always worth living no matter what and has inherent meaning always bothered me. Of course suicide is an option, the choice to die is as tangible as the choice to live.

  20. Must just be me then. I just get into a rhythm and go from fight to fight. I don’t really tend to get mad at too much I guess.

  21. Yeah, now that I think about it, NG games would be very good to practice mindfulness and stoicism with, not letting these games influence your emotions is hard lol, but it's honestly the only way you can succeed.

  22. Akuma's stage theme 'Killing Moon' from Street Fighter 3rd Strike.

  23. You get used to it. Pick your enemies carefully. Maybe poison dart one spearman so there’s not multiple. Run to get distance. I play with no charms and muscle memory will kick in to dodge their red and blue attacks. Wind stance triangle makes it easier too. Or if overwhelmed then heavenly strike the problematic attackers.

  24. Yeah like I've said in other comments, I make it pretty rough for myself by not using ghost weapons much, enjoy role-playing and using them as a last resort because they're "dishonourable".

  25. I guess I just don’t agree that the animation / mechanic is ‘bullshit.’ They’re meant to be a challenging enemy, but I haven’t experienced quite what you describe. You’ll get them figured out though, good luck fellow Ghost

  26. Fair enough. Tbh I really make it hard on myself by neglecting ghost weapons and tactics, I'm still early on and wanna make make uncle Shim proud by fighting with honour I suppose lol.

  27. Be tactful about it though bro, think it through. Don't act on emotion. If you're gonna tell your family then it has to be done right because it can only be done once.

  28. Pregabalin. That shit is serious business, it's a hell that can last many months.

  29. He actually didn’t see anything wrong with what happened with that woman and her children. What a true scum bag

  30. That wry smile made me want to kick his fucking teeth in.

  31. Not pertinent to your post, just wanna say I really hope you're doing OK bro/sis.

  32. Maybe, but honestly, I don't think we were born to sit behind a computer all day. It's unnatural.

  33. Personally, I agree. I enjoy my work as a bricklayer, very flexible, good camaraderie, and there's something cathartic about it. Being outside, building shit... it just feels natural.

  34. Of course, thanks for the check. I'm very new to Stoicism but trying to learn.

  35. Well, sadly most people think of this creature as nothing but food.

  36. Yeah, I had a "shit, I eat that" moment while watching this. Didn't feel very good about myself at all.

  37. I definitely don’t like the misconceptions, but my musical tastes are far from grunge and metal. I’m not super into music, but I play the saxophone and like to listen to Michael Jackson. Hotel California is also a good song. I’m also far from a goth lmao

  38. You sound like a very special individual, and I mean that sincerely. You sound like quite the catch to me brother. Intelligent, musically gifted, humorous. I'd love to take you out for dinner if we were both that way inclined lol.

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