1. Any changes you make to one node you must do a new upload to all 6 nodes or they wont perform those commands. So if someone uploaded the pre-alarm instruction on just one panel the other nodes will still work off the old config.

  2. This is your answer here, all changes to inputs and cause and effect need to be uploaded to all panels on the network. You can get away with adding Sounders locally but it's not recommended.

  3. It's because you guys use shit cable in the US. You can literally tie knots and run over FP200 with a steam roller without any issues.

  4. Delivered this morning by Hermes, the driver didn't knock and left it on my door step!

  5. Agree. I believe it's definitely the right of the fan base to shit on a game if what they were selling as the expectation vs. final product is completely different. But as another example of how CP2077 got shit on at first with a number of things that were broken/ bugged or changed from their initial vision. However they've been slowly but surely patching and updating the game to get it to a better state and it's been showing in a more positive light by the fans. 2042 still has a ways to get there.

  6. The game was terrible at launch and for a good time after that, but I feel most people shitting on the game still, have not played it recently and/or are cod fanboys that wanted an alternative to Vanguard and tried BF for the 1st time.

  7. I personally think the game improves with every update, and with more active players, things will improve further. Content is finally starting to trickle in but much of it is empty lobbies so its hard to judge the quality when everyone is only in the featured conquest (which is fun and the reworked maps are good). If your 35 bucks could be better spent elsewhere? Wait for a deeper discount but if you are curious and want (what i feel is) the fastest paced BF experience in the series? might be worth a go. Cross play def helps pad the lobbies.

  8. Me too pre-ordered and left the game alone until a month ago. Re-installed and having a great time. Portal is great and have made a few of my own servers that are fun to play.

  9. Marshall Tufflex ceiling rose boxes work great with everything other than the flimsiest tile. Conduit I and Through boxes also work great, but some tiles need pattresses no matter what box you use.

  10. The best cable in the World, Prysmian FP200. Looks great when clipped and bullet proof.

  11. I'm gonna attempt keyboard and mouse my finger can't even properly press ctrl while hold wasd I'm just gonna stick to my dual sense bc I've used controller tye longest and am far better with it

  12. Get one of these, they're great for transitioning from controller - RAZER Tartarus V2 Gaming Keyboard

  13. 92 year old dad of 12, 18 grandkids and 9 great grandkids. 6.2kd and 98% win ratio playing an hour or 2 after bridge each night waiting for my sleep meds to kick in. Games OK I guess.

  14. I can't stand these panels, the toach screens ok but still not great, menu navigation could be better and display loads more info with the large screen. The initialisation is a pain, easier firmwares where dangerous and shouldn't have been released. An 8 loop panel I used to maintain failed to initialise all but the 1st loop card without showing a single fault on the panel.

  15. They weren't being brutal? They were just restraining him, American police could learn from this video.

  16. You guys are full of shit , aim assist does not do that.

  17. No ads aim assist for me on Zombies since the update, but crazy camera moving aim assist when not adsing. But have only played like 6 games this season.

  18. Had a similar setup in Verdansk but with 32gb Ram and could get 90 fps with the game still looking graphically pleasing, but have upgraded since Caldera so don't know how that setup would run now.

  19. Are you using DLSS, makes a big difference on the 3060. I've the same setup and get over 120 FPS at 1440p whist still keeping some settings high to make the game look better.

  20. Performance mode? I get about 150 with performance mode, 120 with balanced on 1440. Strange one, have you checked temps on GPU and CPU while playing.

  21. You need to go into the Xbox communications and multiplayer settings and enable crossplay from there

  22. If you redo the HD customisation on X Box Series X it looks 10 times better than Verdansk, still not as good as Vanguard though. No FOV sliders a killer and should be added, and be down to the player to dial it back if frames drop too much.

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