1. How about going the introductory route just lika borderlands by hinting future characters by their background stories.

  2. Artifacts and craftable regional weapons, to me mondo weapons were the best iteration of craftable weapons because they do support 4 star characters and many 4 stars.

  3. A human antagonist? Sorry that just doesn't sound like monster hunter. You know what does sound like monster hunter? Hunting... wait for it... monsters.

  4. The only one occasion with human antagonist is the group of scholars that wanted to burn everything related to fatalis during the final hours of mhw and they existed in background story only, don't think there will be any better form of antagonism better than that otherwise it would not feel like monster hunter.

  5. The worst antagonists ever... someone who tries to hide knowledge.

  6. But the fear of knowing that undying creature that can be born from your very flesh (white fatty) would not disappear if that didn't happen.

  7. Classification of star variant armor mods and their chance to appear, for torso.

  8. With the skill activation thing i agree but if that was with the bonuses that would be op.

  9. Yelan, venti, wanderer, barbara, consider me outside already, knowing yelan ability and how venti was able to get share of wine the chance of survival are high, wanderer might be good to confront barbs.

  10. Nioh 2, i enjoy the grind there, try it is quite a decent game, other than that stardewvalley and codevein.

  11. Ah, she's [Anomaly detected]. The [Error: File not found]

  12. Seems like unfinished work to me, she is like glorified npc, i mean she look special and appeared multiple times only to be forgotten later on, i hope by adding more harbingers we get to know more about her.

  13. Ebenbolz and all forte operators, must honor the traditions.

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