1. Goodbye management cribbed from UpToDate, hello plans cribbed from machine learning?

  2. That would be a great one to have. In rural medicine we see lots of peds patients.

  3. Why is derm more challenging to enter for a DO?

  4. Because it's so competitive they'll come up with anything (no matter how stupid) to "differentiate"

  5. I stopped watching after the third and at that time I was 90% sure we'd lose. Dunno why I had that 10% doubt...

  6. Casey really reminding everyone why he's the starter today, some great plays that drive

  7. My girl just said "There aren't that many people at the game it looks like"

  8. Incentives matter. If the hospital can bill for the extra scans, it's all gravy.

  9. My girl is 11 and healthy as ever. She gets the green Kirkland bag from Costco but for years she got whatever was cheapest per pound at Grocery Outlet (usually they have fancy brands at discounted prices). As for chicken / salmon / bison / lamb, she gets a variety. I avoid the dirt cheap brands like Purina but not for any good reason.

  10. AVMs are not like aneurysms. You don’t really coil them, you fill them up with a liquid embolic material like Onyx 18. A Spetzler-Martin grade V AVM would take many treatments to even partially embolize and each time is a huge dye load, radiation dose, and risk of hemorrhage and stroke. We have good data showing it is actually lower risk to just leave them alone in most cases.

  11. Great answer. Man, I wish the neurosurgeons I did residency with were more like you.

  12. Any pediatric subspecialist physicians have first or second hand experience working for HCA?

  13. acm says:

    If I was the founder and CEO of a company going down the toilet I might pause the paternity leave entirely. A cynic would say that he turned on that out-of-office message to get out of responding to uncomfortable inquiries from investors and customers.

  14. I wonder if bankruptcy court can legally order you to return the funds so they may be distributed equitably, whether or not you've disconnected your bank account from BlockFi.

  15. Nebraska fans have gotta have the worst return on investment in the history of fanbases. It’s sickening.

  16. What the hell to do if someone yells, “Is there a doctor on the plane?”

  17. Yeah I was dumb for not withdrawing obviously, thought these guys were supposed to be the legit ones

  18. What end-points are you looking for? We have 8+ years of adult data so you may find the answers you want there.

  19. Thinking QALYs, mortality, age of development of T2DM, first MIs, first strokes - things that indeed have been shown to be improved in the adult studies, though I believe these were 1-2 years at most. Obviously this kind of data is going to be a ways out for this age group, but we have to remind ourselves we are dealing with risk factors and need to be cautious - something people are eager to point out mostly in retrospect (e.g., atenolol)

  20. That sort of data would be nice. We have evidence for GLP-1 agonists in adolescents with T2DM (although not Semiglutide). This study is far better than most of the data we usually work with in pediatrics, for what that’s worth.

  21. She's criminally underpaid, but it is what it is. She's getting about the avg for her specialty nationwide. But she loves it and I guess that's what matters.

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