1. Infinite chlorophyte bullets. Shoot into air. See who bullets go to. That is my enemy.

  2. I mean if you have enough money to buy a tabula do you really need to go all out with forbidden flesh/flame jewels?

  3. Damage is much easier to get than movement speed. Leveling is not all about damage, its about going fast

  4. Ohh, the anime name makes a lot more sense now. Peter Grill

  5. It's either red gem auras and enlighten or blue gem auras and empower or a bit of both.

  6. Yes, this is almost definitely going to contain a determination, zealotry, wrath and enlighten

  7. Comedy craft +1 melee gems and socket smite+empower+2 awakened supports for +12 to Smite.

  8. Ah shit you're actually right, this might be an empower + smite helm. It's actually a lot of damage

  9. Anybody who thinks this is justified is an idiot. Sure, this guy was being an idiot by riding a bicycle like this, but hitting someone with a car on purpose is way worse.

  10. No, doing something silly is literally the same as attempted murder /s

  11. Yeah. I'm still tempted to pick up and id some amethyst and two-stone rings.

  12. I've identified some that have been 20+ chaos. But even then, the time spent on that is just not worth it if you want to make money faster.

  13. Me at two AM adding heat shiver to builds on POB despite the fact I have to wake up at 7

  14. I used to have this problem. I have started using the notes app on my phone to write down these ideas, so they don't keep me up.

  15. Can someone link the first post about the AR? I can't find it right now

  16. What is the name of the medication you were prescribed? Very curious

  17. Not that guy, but ask your doctor about finasteride

  18. I just assumed they were a man because women aren't real

  19. I'm gonna stand back 10 feet from this stuff, never doing

  20. Bettel using 100% of his singular braincell.

  21. That is some of the most retarded shit I’ve heard in a while.

  22. It's the same principle as hardening your shin bones or knuckles. Monks do that shit. The problem is that monks aren't known for their pretty knuckles. Makes the area pretty fucking ugly generally.

  23. The only one I see being a direct reference is keepers corruption with the super sayin power up yellow hair and fire, but you pointed out the demon in the background.

  24. it’s quite ironic how all these communism subreddits will just ban anyone who says something that challenges their ideas or just anything that they don’t like… just like real life!

  25. This opinion is shit, and if I could, I would ban you for it. /s

  26. Oh yeah, if bread is so good, why isn't there a bread 2?

  27. Due to no character of mine being really exciting to play and no skill feeling smoothly plus

  28. Most modern gaming monitors have gsync or freesync. If you have either, you should absolutely turn off vsync.

  29. Do tell... please point out the (alleged) "destructive, leftist, Communist ideology" that the ANC (allegedly) follows?

  30. I wish the ANC were more leftist, we would be better off.

  31. bxm says:

    Pretend to care for the poor. In the meantime create more poor and uneducated by letting everything (most importantly education) go to ruin. If you keep the masses poor and uneducated, you can bribe them to vote for you with grants, food parcels, etc. Because if they don't vote for you, apartheid will come back and the grants will disappear.

  32. You know you're describing right wing policy? Keeping the masses poor and stealing from them is called fascism.

  33. Really? The French "know how it's done" because they put a braai on wheels?

  34. I mean... A braai while protesting sounds pretty based. So yeah

  35. As a lousy ssf junkie who sucks as bossing, I'm forever shut off from those shiny uber only loot. Would be nice if they made those also droppable from regular version albeit at smaller drop rate so there's at least hopium.

  36. You can technically make a cast on death discharge build in ssf. Not too hard to gear, just need to run some heist and get the exarch staff.

  37. I had 2 friends that I wanted to do fatalis with, and realised that 3 person hp is the same as 4 person. So that sucked

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