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Taking gun away from an active shooter alone

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  1. I came to Canada 2 months ago from the Netherlands and was shocked how much they want me to “beg” (it felt like begging to me) for a job

  2. Charisma 99, I’ve never been denied a job after an interview and the track record still holds

  3. This is so frustrating. If you are pranking somebody by pretending to steal their stuff you should expect to get attacked, and you should be apologizing profusely not acting like a victim. What a dick. I don’t get why people don’t just leave others alone. Also look at the guy you’re pranking…. Does that man really look like someone who is going to take a joke…. Not to stereotype but you might wanna “prank” someone who would actually understand its a fucking tiktok prank or whatever. I bet this guy doesn’t even know wtf tiktok is, or if he does he probably doesn’t use it at all or understand what these idiot pranks are even about

  4. I’ve been taught by my mostly peaceful dad to always stand up for yourself if the situation allows it

  5. How about you quietly give me a livable wage before I do something only someone desperate would do

  6. At that size (F-350)its probably a "rijbewijs C" truck. Which makes it a "vrachtwagen" and those dont have bijtelling.

  7. Drank* I’m off alcohol for about 2 years now (im 22 for reference)

  8. That is 100% not safe to drink though- It would however, be the most refreshing glass of illness you’ve ever drank

  9. I am acutely aware of that, especially since she told me that instead of cutting myself i should just look at trees. Oh well.

  10. Yeah bro just look at some trees bro look how green they are bro look man bro how beautiful isn’t it worth it to keep living bro?

  11. It's not inaccurate to say that some people's depression is made worse by lack of greenspace, lack of vitamin D, lack of physical movement, and poor nutrition. I know mine is. It's wise to keep it in mind as a factor. Won't fix it all, but it's a piece of the puzzle.

  12. That’s what I’m saying exactly, fuck the greenery, if you’re deeply depressed, that isn’t going to help you much, however making a habit out of something healthy at zero impact of emotional state is something you should always do.

  13. I have the sneaking suspicion that my European brethren went down here to joke about manboobs and the morbid obese?

  14. Fake... Everyone using the exact explosion effect on these vids

  15. It looks suspiciously much like that video where someone blows up an old white microwave

  16. Fkin eating out alone that much of low-status? im reflecting over my whole life rn

  17. If 22 years of life have learned me anything, it’s that life is too short to think about such shit

  18. You'd be surprised about how when you stop drinking you realize that was the communal event that created a social dynamic in the first place. I also got tired of drunk people trying to get me to drink (ie, they saw my sobriety as a challenge and were all trying to be the one to get me to cave) - so I stopped appearing when I heard alcohol was involved.

  19. I got close to a physical altercation with a friend in a classy restaurant because I refused to have a beer with him after explaining that I had just overcame alcoholism at age 20

  20. I legit do not understand the fear. Is it because of the difficulty of getting back out of bed? Is it fear that someone might come into the room while you are stuck there? I really would like to understand the fear being displayed in this video.

  21. See that woman over there cursing and taking 3 hours to get into a lower than waist hight bed?

  22. Wouldn't work for me, I can sleep through a freight train barreling through the back yard.

  23. Same, sleeping in a room where the fire alarm was right above my pillow has made me adapt to be able to sleep through a nuclear blast

  24. Here’s how it works folks. U.S. accepts in trade older Russian equipment from whoever. Sends it to Ukraine. Ukrainians are already trained in usage and repair. Probably have spare parts. U.S. sends/sells newer U.S. equipment to Russian backed countries. Russia must break ties with those countries in order to save face. New U.S. supplied countries must remain Allies with U.S. or “no parts for you”. Now Russia has lost allies, Russia has lost market share for their equipment, Ukraine has gained useful weaponry, U.S. has gained market share for their weapons. Tah-dahhhhh!

  25. This is exactly what my mind jumped to aswell; an incredible tactical play is being played here which is actually a sweet deal for the Latin American countries in question

  26. Vertel mij wat, Nederlands net aan gehaald op het MediaCollege, maar engels behaald met een 9.8 op het hoogste niveau dat ze kunnen geven.

  27. Can confirm, I’m in Canada now and i can’t stop thinking in English because it’s just easier

  28. Why you collect guns but don’t actually use them what they were intended for.

  29. They hold their value unlike a car for example.

  30. Cool idea, but that lighter’s gonna squash those joints while you walk. Keep it in your pocket

  31. My walk would smash those joints to bits even without the lighter

  32. I think the 3 key ingredients to a good strike are : strong unions willing to work together and standing their ground against the governement, a big number of people willing to strike and protest at the same time (like millions of people) and longevity (striking for a day is not remotely enough)

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