1. I would reach out. The kids aren’t toddlers. They are old enough to know what they were doing.

  2. I think this is a good approach! I would first ask your daughter how she would feel about it because you don’t want things to get hard for her at school.

  3. So glad you asked this! I made a comment to my mom about her and my dad watching my 22mo while I have my c-section. She was confused and asked where my husband was going to be. I said obviously at the hospital with me while I recover and she asked why he wouldn’t be home to watch our other daughter. I didn’t know what was the “normal” but I like the thought of my husband being with me overnight to help.

  4. If scheduling is a problem, can she squeeze in some time on Duolingo or a similar app until more time opens up? This is important to your wife and I’m unclear on why the 6 year old is taking English classes…is English the second language? If yes, what is the first?

  5. Piggy backing off this comment. There needs to be some clarification how many languages your child speaks now and why English classes are being taken. My children are bilingual (English/Spanish) and I do not speak Spanish so we try to put whatever shows/movies in Spanish to have more exposure. Our school-aged child is also enrolled in a dual language program at school. It’s amazing how easy they catch on to languages at a young age. I wouldn’t want to procrastinate your child learning mandarin because it will only get more difficult the older they get.

  6. In the hospital we have a pacifier just because they offered them. Baby kept spitting it out so I wasn’t going to force it and let her go without. She never had one and luckily never resorted to her thumb.

  7. Piggy backing off someone’s comment about Christina Tosi’s cake. I’ve made her birthday cake recipe several times and it has the best moist crumb. You can find it on the milkbar website for free and just omit the sprinkles. Out of the oven it is super moist and then she adds a milk wash with vanilla extract which makes it even better!

  8. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been looking for a chocolate olive oil cake!

  9. YouTube Kids is absolute trash. Originally set it to she can watch videos approved for her age. Then saw the absolute dumb videos she kept watching (at the time we didn’t know what channels to approve so we let her venture.) Once we set it to only approved channels she became less interested in the app and stuck with Netflix.

  10. My Cuban husband loves when I pull out this recipe! Packed with flavor and fairly simple to make.

  11. Levain is better than Crumbl in my opinion. Crumbl’s chocolate chip cookie is probably my least favorite compared to all their others.

  12. To answer your question, no, they have not lost their minds. A parent is within arms reach and there’s nothing wrong with letting the kid be involved and ensuring safety.

  13. Oh they've lost their minds. Maybe not with this completely but in other ways.

  14. I get both sides. My husband was in the army when we had our daughter. He wasn’t home a lot and getting the same hands on experience I was being a SAHM. I was always happy to help but I was exhausted feeling like I had to do everything, like baby led weening, and he never took the initiative to learn on his own (I had to). I also understand you were uncomfortable and just wanted to make sure you were doing something right.

  15. It’s hard, as I feel really useless as it is already due to being so absent, which I obviously don’t want to be, but even you most likely understand people in the army don’t get much of a choice, you sadly can’t just say no. And thank you, I have downloaded the app! Just a bit shocking the way she reacted when I genuinely thought my child was in danger. Whilst I understand it’s frustrating for her, I thought I was doing the right thing.

  16. It is hard for y’all and I was definitely hard on my husband the first year because he wasn’t always around and when he was he didn’t do everything like I did. Looking back I was harsh and I wish he communicated to me better so I could open up my eyes to his efforts.

  17. My middle name is my cousins first name. None of us have thought anything of it.

  18. With my first child, I was offended and hurt my husband didn’t have the same immediate bond I had with her. Looking back, I was being very unrealistic and I blame the hormones. Even has my child’s own mom, the cries at night were annoying and sometimes I would pop headphones in to help relax.

  19. I’d probably only ask what “emo” means to her. Other than that, she’s just at an age where she’s figuring out who she is. It’s nothing against you and what you provide for her.

  20. Thanks for this comment. Sometimes I feel like she doesn’t like it here or I should be doing things differently somehow. but then she’ll tell me about stories of events when they lived with their bio mom and it’s apparent she doesn’t want to go back to that.

  21. I’m a stepmom as well and it’s hard when you know you’re providing better than what they previously had. My 5yo step daughter thinks her life with her bio mom was rainbows and butterflies and it always hurts when she says she wants to go back. They’re kids though and see everything through a different lens. We just have to grin and bear it.

  22. My dad almost killed my grandma over this. She didn't even taste it and immediately drowned the poor thing in ketchup and threw shitloads of black pepper and salt on it.

  23. My class started in January, I had a baby mid February, and class ended first week of April. I had one nursing course that required one clinical shift per week and one live online class, but required a lot of studying outside of that. I regret not speaking with the professor of the course and thinking “other women have done it, so can I.” Yes, others have done it but there’s also others who didn’t do it. I’m a good student but once that baby came in my life I was sleep deprived and so focused on her.

  24. We didn’t decide to sleep train till 8mo I think (I do think 5mo is a little young.) It just didn’t sit right with me to let my baby cry when I could help comfort her. Once she was not BF at night and I felt I was suffering from lack of sleep, I decided to implement sleep training. Some nights it worked, some nights it didn’t, and eventually she figured out her sleeping.

  25. During procedure my husband sat by my head and just talked to me, held my hand, stroked my hair. He noticed I was shivering and asked if I could get a heated blanket. Everyone is obviously really focused on delivery of baby so to have someone there watching out for me is very comforting.

  26. I have a 5yo, almost 2yo, and am due this month with our third. I’ve found myself in this frustrating situation more often than I’d like to be. I either make my frustrated scream into a funny-ish noise/grunt so I don’t freak the kids out or tell the 5yo (because she understands) that I have a lot of feelings and I need a minute then I’ll help.

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