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  1. Morning and TGiF 🚀😌

  2. Idk how to do that Dad, help?

  3. Go into your post, hit edit and where it says flair just change. Mods in

  4. I was under mobile and it wouldn't let me, switching to desktop view gave me the option. Thanks for being patient with a smooth brain like me!

  5. I've been a little the weather since Thanksgiving. Better today and I wanted to take a break. LOL

  6. I believe in the six foot rule. If your within 6ft you get a smile and usually I say hi. Girls and guys. You never know when it could make someone’s day.

  7. We have an owner, it called GME Investor’s and RC. He could give a rats ass about his investors. He’s even said he wants to be the richest man alive. You don’t get there without stepping on everyone on the way up. Fuck him!

  8. You'll be telling me Kenneth Griffin lied under oath next cmon

  9. These guys are master packers. I bet they could get me moving in an hour😂

  10. At the time I’d just gotten out of the hospital, so I closed all three of my accounts, moved my IRA out. I didn’t have the energy to fight with them. I started digging and that’s when the Fudelity thing started coming to life. The best I could do was get the word out.

  11. You should show up at a Fidelity location and demand what's yours. If they refuse, take something that's theirs. Just don't take anything expensive. Also, make sure you tell them that you're taking it then calmly stroll out of there.

  12. You’re saying we can request all shares but 1 or 2 transfer to book and the 1 or 2 plus fractional will be safe in plan?

  13. This is the original article on this subject it clearly sates he “Had” and now carries a “Long” position. The title contradicts the actual article.. so WTFK. Honestly it’s all speculation at this point and interpretation of the article.

  14. Cant see any mention of a long position in that linked article.

  15. All I see is Still holds a “Large Position”. That’s why I’m sticking to all speculation and interpretation of the article. Edit:nice to have you over on our side of the street.😊

  16. “Cuddling” to me translates into “foreplay and sex to follow.”

  17. This is really sad to me. Mastering the art of just cuddling is Not always foreplay , sometimes it’s just being close. But hey to each his own.

  18. It’s always been the case for me. I’ve never been able to get close to my spouse(s) (married twice) or a boyfriend without them expecting sex.

  19. I would suggest you set some mental boundaries if want more. Sometimes we have to lead. And sometimes to get what we truly want we have to say so with the risk of them leaving. I won’t settle for only the frosting, I like the cake too.

  20. I finally found it. How do I post my screenshot? Its the RC tweet "book king" where pulte posted "only the young" "remember this post one day it will be very important "

  21. OP , Thank you for your search, honestly that tweet proves nothing. Pure speculation. Your thought on this would be great if it materializes . Until any official announcement let’s stick to the facts. Your flair needs to be Fluff. So please change it. Power To The Players💜🚀💜

  22. My take after listening to the Q&A is that whole shares are basically book and fractionals are intertwined with DTC because its hard when 0.235252 is in one place and 0.584358 somewhere else etc. (possibly some edge cases like when you first roll over to a whole number too)

  23. We are already back to the plan Vs Book debate again. What's next taxes... again? Old Apes know.

  24. Well could you just tell me what your wanting to say? Lol

  25. What I’m saying is as an investor it’s up to me to know what my broker agreement is.

  26. So what is the fine print of the big brokers. They can just take the stock away from me if they want? They don’t have to let me sell it? Has that ever happened… no. Could it technically I guess but that would be suicide for the company.

  27. Really so when Fudelity sold one of my last share after a transfer to CS without my permission and all they had to say opps we thought you were closing your account. Yep true story and that was a year ago. I’ve heard it happen to others. They slide it onto margin and done and gone! Cute dog

  28. Earnings call. Dec 7th . Copy for phone number or check your email. Power to the Players💜🚀💜

  29. OP in the comments you need to summon the bot to count. Directions. I approved your post for this one.

  30. Not only that but if your ex is your best friend does that mean a future partner will always be the 2nd best friend? I wouldn't feel good about making it clear my ex is my best. It seems unfair to whoever I was trying to build relationship with.

  31. That’s what I was thinking. I share very emotional intimate conversations with my bestie. If he’s doing that with an ex, then how do we build that “Best Friend “ emotional friendship??

  32. I think you spelled our thought out perfectly ❤️

  33. Many retail stores have changed there return policy to shorter timeframe. I’ve noticed this in the last few days.

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