1. Dude grow some damn balls and and use your hands. If you can't protect yourself and your belongings without what your asking about you need to stay inside.

  2. Jelly drinks it’s a candy you put them in your mouth and pop them to get the liquid out. And hope whoever had them in their mouth doesn’t have anything lol

  3. Story link? Where is this? USA, Europe, Canada, Brazil.....?

  4. How is Arizona? I’m not opposed to going anywhere as long as I can find work and local druggies don’t try to rob me while I sleep

  5. In the process of that now but Arkansas is hard to hitch out of

  6. First rule to being homeless I’ve learned the hard way myself. Is trust no one

  7. Yes...Keep to yourself, and just work on you. Gets really bad and you jave your own vehicle, youll realize real fast how friendly or not people can be. Gawd forbid you smoke cigarettes and these "friends" never have any. Lol

  8. You’re upsetting the zombie apocalypse cultists.

  9. They banned me also a few months ago for asking a similar question

  10. If your really looking for work find your nearest FedEx. They hire felons, no drug test, no interview even, pay day is every Friday. I can't say specifically what the pay would be in your neck of the woods but my hub starts at $18.50/hr I've been with FedEx for almost 2 months and I love it. It's definitely not for the faint of heart but nothing about this lifestyle is might as well make some money with your time. For my location turn around time from application to call to schedule your orientation (paid) is about 2 days.

  11. I’ll definitely check in on that. Do they hire for different positions or just drivers. My problem is I have no DL they are suspended lol

  12. What part of Arkansas? Just curious as the cost of living was a lot less there then Texas and Florida (my home state)

  13. Russellville Arkansas. And the work part is spot on no good paying places are hiring, and the places that are hiring you can’t survive after taxes because 70% of the jobs here are temp jobs and won’t work you more than 30hrs a week. So they don’t have to give you benefits or vacation days.

  14. That mod is nuts literally. I've been banned from that group also. Because I commented on his post about it being hard for him being homeless. But he brags all the time about buying $400 tents $300 sleeping bikes and his new recent 2k bicycle. I told him if he didn't buy such expensive shit being homeless he would be homeless lol and bam banned lol

  15. As stated homeless shelters are not a good thing. You will be robbed of your stuff and pushed to your limit. You would be better off finding you a tent or a couple tarps. I am homeless myself by choice. I tried shelters and I lost pretty much everything I owned . That's when I got a tent and found me a secluded place to set it up and to this day almost 2 years later have never had anything taken.

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