1. Two of my friend group have gone back to Vanguard, the rest of us to DMZ as we just couldn’t enjoy Multi on MW2, hoping the new season may change things

  2. Cold calculated effective evil, I would be fuming if I was hiding behind the couch and saw that being thrown in

  3. I read that some teams are using lag switches again to give them the major edge in pvp, haven’t seen it myself and I usually chock it up to the game performing badly but if I get bad lag I hide invade it’s a lag switch kill team

  4. “We need to come up with a name where we will do shady trades that won’t lead to any price discovery, something none threatening, doesn’t sound dodgy and won’t make us look like we are hiding something”

  5. I share my Netflix with my grandmother and she shares her Hulu with me. It’s a win win for both of us.

  6. I feel this is leading up to a Family and friends plan that will be more expensive again……

  7. I got downed and joined a team of 3 day. We get in a gunfight with a team of 5 as we Wimbledon over each other, they kill one of us we kill one of them and we come to a truce over the mics, ended up jumping up and down in front of each other, told them we were back to Rohan oil to pick up a downed teammate who wandered off.

  8. Was it counted as a successful extract in the end?

  9. If the NFT marketplace and the partnerships are profitable enough, they wouldn’t need to sell stock at all 👀

  10. With the amount of stock they made available for the split they would be fools not to profit in a squeeze

  11. Or they’d let their investors be the ones to fully benefit from it, and then have a base of wealthy customers for life 😂 just a thought

  12. I think it’s both, say when the rocket ignited and they release 10,000 shares, it’s mega money but a drop in the ocean against the squeeze and they have rich shareholder customers for life, I think it’s a win win, but we won’t see mergers or dividends until afterwards

  13. United is also a business and a player of high potential $ value is available. It will be interesting to see what comes out in discussions from the board and ETH.

  14. I’d like to think that Ten Hag won’t want him to be part of the dressing room, I’m a Liverpool fan but after the turnaround he’s making I don’t think he will want any disruptions and he looks like he doesn’t take any shit …… hopefully he’s been made aware of the recordings already and will put his foot down

  15. I think what comes into play is later behavior. So if the doj goes no, give me your phone, and there is shit on there, or if the doj has already done some digging… they will get caught in a lie.

  16. It’s like my work saying to me “can you make sure no employees are doing any drugs because we will be testing for that in the future”

  17. I’d absolutely love it if you could capture a downed player, once a player is down without a revive then you can carry / take their dog tags to a building / drop off point and it becomes team mate prisoner extract contract (kind of like a gulag with a torture cut screen etc while you wait for your team to take the contract or not)

  18. Had to check the username that I didn’t write this myself and then forgot about it!

  19. The audacity they had to hunt you

  20. Might be a silly question but what type of tape is it? I’d imagine bugs and stones would chip through most tapes pretty quickly and washing would come off etc,

  21. This picture was taken 84 years ago if you look at how he looks in recent photos…….in two years he’s aged 30

  22. I just see the text without a graphic, keen to view it if you can post in the comments

  23. As someone who has just got my first iPhone after always being android that first comment creased me up.

  24. *Mum for the British flag surely?

  25. It was red, all the wheels were different sizes and not perfectly round

  26. Over the Moon (2020) great kids film about the goddess and her partner is the white rabbit

  27. Nah, I dont think those articles are for us. Those are for the average Joe retail investor, so they do not jump on the train.

  28. Also I think they will organise something, a protest or a signature proposal etc and when it flops with low numbers they can point to it and go “see, retail aren’t interested” it’s not a big deal only X amount of people showed up or only D amount of people signed etc

  29. How much is such an account? It takes weeks of grinding or even days. It is not even feasible from the seller’s perspective. Or did they use tools to unlock all the missions? If that’s the case a query in the server’s database would show the time spent leveling up. If it is unreasonable you get banned.

  30. I’ve just done a search and spotted 3k for both the insured slots unlocked

  31. Where would someone go about selling their account that has these features? Asking for a friend...

  32. No idea sorry, googled it just to check it was an option, my account it probably worth about $0.25 so I’ve never been inclined to find out the details

  33. Bit sad but if I’ve had a really good game il do a last 30 second screen record and then manually add them

  34. Even the way they write is a poke in the eye to any reader who knows anything about the market

  35. Yeah, the episode went in a different direction than I expected after that nod.

  36. We just got back from a flight, my kid talks to another kid, Mums then quick conversation and phone numbers swapped for a catch up play date etc

  37. Works great for me, I use the HDMI and haven’t had any issues

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