1. Just like every reddit, there’s an amount of grifters whose sole mission is to hate and demoralize. Whether the mission is to damper the amount of influence a person has, disparage their companies so other companies can come out ahead, or simply promote other ideas.

  2. The shorts they have are good. Cheap, light, and they last

  3. Yeah but the brand is tainted already. When I see gymshark, I think gym newbie

  4. He did this when Epstein hit on the 14 year old daughter of another member. A full 2 years after a grand jury charged Epstein. If he was banned immediately after that then I would be inclined to believe you.

  5. His beef with Epstein went public back in 2004.

  6. I’m completely aware of the timeline. I started my research with the intention of proving Trump wasn’t involved. Unfortunately I could not. Now if you have information I don’t I’m all ears. I won’t kick any information out of bed for or against.

  7. Yeah back in 2004 they had a falling out over beach front property.

  8. They didn’t have based supreme court justices back then

  9. The man had a wet dream about propane dude.

  10. I’d rather die than be scared of that lmao

  11. You’re going to be fed whatever content you interact with. I never interact with celebrity news, so I don’t get them.

  12. I believe he’s doing what Zyzz could’ve been doing right now

  13. petite booties are goated especially on a small frame

  14. They work at Wells Fargo now in Human Resources

  15. Bro got captured in Aladdin’s Agrabah

  16. He belongs on the Young Turks. Better suited for him.

  17. “Let me offer up a little tip. Your Winklebottom is facing southeast. Technically he should face north.”

  18. Wow. Dejavu from when Dj Mehdi died. RIP

  19. I don’t really care about Colombia, plain and simple

  20. i cant tell if you saying you wanna wear soosh and james’ face on a shirt is a joke or not 😂😭

  21. Nah that’s crazy, made a reddit account just to shit on YLA. If you don’t believe me, check out his profile and post / comment history.

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