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  1. i know it’s the dude doing different bands singing the “i wanna kill my mom” song but i just scrolled my likes forever and can’t find the link—i’ll be back if i find it lol

  2. Yes!! That was the song. That might help me narrow my search in finding it.


  4. I think this is a proper underrated figure. I picked him up on a whim last month,

  5. Look at the people in the background. Neither look like Ben.

  6. Op sleeping in the office - who's in the office at 7am lol

  7. Bridge and Tunnel on the other side of the disc, which I think is a fantastic song! Such great vibes.

  8. Safran has produced about half the DC movies under the Hamada era. His first DC movie was Aquaman. That doesn't speak to a change in direction from the Hamada era.

  9. You want more Raimi, but his background pre-Spidey was horror/comedy movies. A directors background can mean nothing, it’s their experience as a whole and their vision that matters.

  10. I bought Destiny 2 on disc when it launched. Played a few months, tried getting back into it a year ago and found it overwhelming.

  11. How was it? My company wants to put me up there for a year. I work in central london - westminster. Is it worth the daily commute out? Or should I find something more central.

  12. I don’t live there mate, sorry. I’ve just been there a few times for work, so no idea on commute.

  13. Not Covid, but I was there too and I'm now sitting in A&E with an unknown illness. I was front and centre.

  14. I’m a professional video editor, and I’m in need of some new headphones to edit with - generally light music track mixing, mostly dialogue recording and levelling though.

  15. I’m just smashing them out of my laptop for now, but I ordered a Fiio desktop dac/amp that I’ll connect to my computer.

  16. According to TV line Chevy Chase, Donald Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown aren’t attached to return.

  17. It was good, my Fitbit said 537 calories burned..... Maybe I have a heart condition?

  18. My Apple Watch told me 565 from this mornings class…hope I don’t have a heart condition too 👀

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