Tyre Nichols: Memphis police release body cam video of deadly beating

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  1. Remove windows drive and just boot from usb and install macOS to new drive. Also, don't boot windows uefi install on a macpro without OpenCore! You will eventually corrupt the bootrom with windows certificates! OpenCore will protect your bootrom and let you install latest MacOS'. Ventura even with OpenCore Legacy Patcher.

  2. Without openCore, UEFI Windows installs can and will corrupt your bootrom with windows certificates. Even booting the USB installer can do this! You should never install windows uefi on a macpro without opencore! OpenCore protects the bootrom from windows certificates.

  3. Use checkra1n but don't install cydia. Install procursus bootstrap via oddeseyra1n. Way better.

  4. Disable all google, google play, google play services and downgrade google play services from the 3 small dots on the rivht of Settings/Apps/Google play services. Then re enable google apps. It worked for me but I'm having trouble connecting again! Delete cache, app data too.

  5. With your mouth. Unless she's deaf. Then with your hands.

  6. Maybe stop pushing division and hate towards each other and start embracing one another, accepting them and make everyone feel supported and loved?

  7. When you hire a kindergarden teacher to teach high school students...

  8. My mom never took the trash out in her life. Not with two males, my dad and myself, living in the house.

  9. Go to System Prefs/Sharing and turn on file sharing and remote login. Add folders/drives you wish to share. Use your username/passwd on CyberDuck, etc to login. Make a note of your lan ip address in network settings and use that as address in CyberDuck. obviously... It should work if both devices are on the same network.

  10. Airport extreme is your local network. It should not need to be configured. Check firewall settings.

  11. You need to set up port forwarding on the remote server. It will direct incoming sftp to port 22 on remote machine. Not sure how w airport extreme? You did not specify it was a remote server. Are you using correct WAN, not LAN address and have you set up a static IP so it does not change?

  12. But how? Please elaborate. I can’t find the option/menu for that.

  13. When you do symmetrical there is an option to do symmetrical or symmetrical with sewing. Do not choose the latter.

  14. Select and rt click on pattern from the transform pattern tool. You should see this submenu.

  15. That looks like me after going to festies all summer.

  16. One of the best Gyros I've ever had was in Dunellon, Fla. Tiny spot in center of town. (I'm from NY originally and lived in Astoria, Queens Greek neighborhood!)

  17. I heard his body has been recovered recently.

  18. I tend to be attracted to more athletic, younger looking women. Androgynous, even. (I will emphasize WOMEN!) Anything that folds over is too much, in my opinion. Perky is where it's at for me. For the record, I cringe when I see a woman with fake breasts! 🤮

  19. Complaining while you have $1000 a month car payments and pay $340 a month for phone and internet.

  20. This gal I know went home with a guy from the bar. She started to unzip his pants and noticed he had a tattoo on his dick that said AIDS. She thought it was strange but started to go down on him anyway. He started to get hard and she almost choked on it! She pulled back and noticed the tattoo now said ADIDAS!

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