1. This is a silly argument because Russia doesn't have air superiority as they're too worried their old planes will get shot down.

  2. There will inevitably be destroyed western MBTs. But it's still better than having none at all. And don't forget the improved crew survivability even if it is disabled.

  3. Oh, so after nearly a year of a failing invasion, Russia decides to use their real army? Not a month ago, not 6 months ago, not when they failed their 3 day objective, not in the beginning.

  4. "Sanctions aren't effective" <---- Are we really still doing this?

  5. No it's because Russia only has ~20 Tornado-S MLRS in service 🙂💀

  6. So... he's right? Or yall telling me they built 20 as specified?

  7. Nobody gonna talk about that random Vietnamese flag?

  8. Yes they are defending; this isn't about that but the grand picture.

  9. The grand picture is to give Ukraine the weapons it needs to permanently maim one of the biggest adversaries to NATO, while allowing them to defend their own sovereignty.

  10. The whole fucking anti-tank squad is here, what the hell lol.

  11. The lead vehicle was a pick up truck with three dudes in it! The mine was placed by Russian backed separatists! Obviously all three guys are cargo 200!

  12. Watched his buddies blow up and still took the time to give a couple handshakes with the reinforcements. What a gentleman.

  13. I’m Jewish and I have Jewish relatives who were murdered by the Japanese. I would suggest you stop downplaying the Japanese massacres. You’re doing your people and your great grandparents a disservice by brushing it aside. They’d roll in their graves if they heard what you just said.

  14. The hell is this, a reverse atrocity wankoff contest?

  15. You'd think a fucking Warthunder player would know which side Austria was on in 1944...

  16. He says this as his country passes the new illiberal bill

  17. "Enough about our horrific past...

  18. It's a common talking point by Russian trolls, referring to the Russian-funded rebels taking Ukrainian lands in the East, as well as Crimea. The funny thing is that the destruction caused by this "8 years of shelling" is pretty much non-existent. Meanwhile, in just nearly a year of Russian agression, the entirety of central and eastern Ukraine has basically turned into hell.

  19. Why haven't the sons or her boyfriend already been drafted into the Ukraine army?

  20. Last thing you want is a bunch of dudes you know will backstab you, in the army.

  21. Doesn't seem to be a problem for the Russians. I ask because I thought all miltary age men in Ukraine were barred from leaving and were required to serve?

  22. They don't value life there so it's not a problem for the command if their troops start killing each other, which they already do anyways.

  23. You’re wrong. They’re excellent at spreading false information on social networks and bribing Western politicians.

  24. Which begs the question why Putin decided to invade Ukraine to begin with. Had they maintained their small scale meddling instead it would had benefited them better in the long term. They effectively wasted decades of political interference with one failing invasion.

  25. Those tempted to post xenophobic comments: imagine if you do something patriotic overseas and the same xenophobic rants are used against you

  26. If I was cleaning a statue of LKY in some foreign country I'd be called a fuckin weirdo. And simping for politicians isn't patriotism.

  27. Why would you need to physically station your ships near your target if they are equipped with hypersonic missiles??? This is the equivalent of that movie trope where the guy with a gun uses it at melee range instead of standing a good couple feet away from their target.

  28. Their fortified position (with their supplies) is being overrun. So they are taking incoming fire.

  29. I'd listen to this guy with a grain of salt. One quick look and you can tell dude's kinda

  30. Nah, I’m too busy remembering Russia signing the 1994 Budapest Memorandum and then ignoring the shit out of it.

  31. Putin cocksucker complaining about unkept promises, a tale as old as time.

  32. Except with glutes like that hers shits come out two dimensional.

  33. She be shitting out compressed diamonds.

  34. "US professor claims math is racially discriminating"

  35. Just woke up from a coma in 2016...

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