1. Well this would be quite literally the riskiest gamble any club has ever took

  2. That's interesting. Would be good to have a FL presence to loan out to

  3. This is financial sustainability not eco btw. Which means its a load of shite.

  4. Absolutely no chance they give us the better player as a makeweight

  5. Gordon not putting in an actual transfer request the little kopite rat

  6. This takeover talk regarding the former San Diego padres owner had me thinking about what could've been lmao what a throwback

  7. Precisely why the dof is there. To recruit. The manager is there to manage and execute

  8. But that's now how it works in our reality. Recruiting for Dyche is completely different to recruiting for Bielsa which is completely different to recruiting for Hassenhutl.

  9. Yep, i feel pretty depressed at appointing someone with a 25% win rate in the Prem when we really need wins. Yes his Burnley team were shocking but watching our team the past year we're probably around their level.

  10. People like to say his Burnley teams were shocking which is why he never got results or changed his style as if he never spent 10 years building that team to get it to that exact point. It's gonna be the same tragic football he was playing last season that got him 4 wins in 30 games

  11. Isn't he doing us a favour asking to leave? with signing on fees and stuff.

  12. No. Asking to leave and a transfer request are very different things

  13. Well, a transfer request is asking to leave, but asking to leave is not a transfer request. So yeah... I think.,

  14. No a transfer request is a formal request in writing which waives it. Asking to leave verbally is just asking to leave. So it depends which one he has done which is ambiguous and leaked from a hat

  15. Really don't know how this got down voted given we are a win from safety and 18 games to go.

  16. It’s weird that your account is 344 days old and cheddar is 348. Both of you seem to just appeared out of nowhere as soon as Frank got here to hate on him. Or maybe it’s just one of you… 🤔

  17. Sigh here we go again with the owner dead set on a manager the DoF doesn't want. The 120 point plan is failing miserably.

  18. Thelwell has £35m of pure profit to work with now, he absolutely cannot fuck it up

  19. If the 35m is straight up rather than Chelsea 60 over the next millenia then that is better for us. Could be the difference in us staying up now

  20. Maybe they shouldve got him to sign his contract before focusing on that

  21. I see Danny Ings got injured for a month after about 20 minutes of football and a couple sprints. Maybe he really was the perfect DCL backup

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