Debris - a new 25 minute film on 9/11 using source footage and audio that few have seen or heard. YouTube restricted it, so I’m posting it here. Over a year in the making.

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  1. OMG, it's so simple and still Nintendo wants so much money for this thing!

  2. To quote WWII channels War Against Humanity series:

  3. I do get the warning about sensitive content but I'm not asked to proof that I'm 18+ like on most videos where you can see titties (even if it's just virtual titties).

  4. Thx. I hope they will give us an option to disable it in settings soon.

  5. Weil mich der Straßenbahn-Typ immer so seltsam anguckt, wenn ich ihn bitte, doch kurz mal durch den McDrive zu fahren.

  6. it’s malaysia, where drivers will hit the gas immediately whenever they see a pedestrian crossing the street

  7. Isn't Apple in the lead there for years now? This article for example claims 53% market share for iOS in the US in 2021:

  8. Morgan Freeman! (I didn't say it, I just wrote it!)

  9. There are videos with FLAC on YouTube? Can you link one please?

  10. Lol, at the first look I really thought that guy has his pistol bound to his ankle. Had to zoom in to realise there's a cat xD

  11. Guys i don't know, but he was pretty easy, if I compare this fight with with Olgierd or The Keeper. I even didn't know, that you can run from them too.😂😂😂

  12. On my first playthrough I found it rather hard also, on the second one it felt rather easy. Patience helps. I just rolled around and waited until he was in reach and then quickly did some fast attacks.

  13. "Mach dich locker" means "just relax / take it easy"

  14. Wow, your post was made 17 hours ago and the forum is still down:-(

  15. I don't really mind the ads. But I always wonder why it's such a huge business. I never watch them and I would definitly never click one. When an ad comes up I grab my phone and check twitter or the news.

  16. If the audio is from apps like Spotify it definitely won't record it.

  17. Well, ok, I see the reason for this. But I just try to record some games.

  18. Imagine a world in which roulette spins and coin tosses were constantly trying to get themselves back into balance. People would be thrown out of casinos for 'spin counting' as they are for card counting. You'd have fun winding up the bad luck on a coin until, like magic, the opposite outcome was almost guaranteed.

  19. But should't the distribution of red and black be close to 1:1 over a greater number of spins? Or could the distribution also be 80:20 over e.g. 10 million spins?

  20. I think "crux" describes this very well. I absolutly get what you are saying! But still, when seeing black 25 times in a row I would definitely put my money on red. But I guess that's not mathematics, that's psychology;-)

  21. +1 for EOS. It's almost pure Arch with a good installer and (very few) additional apps. Community is nice and helpful also.

  22. I closed my account after losing four 960 games in a row. I would be ashamed for the rest of my life if I would accept the invitation to any tournament and lose in 5 moves twice!

  23. Is the compressed video sent via Signal or SMS/MMS? I just tested the following Signal to Signal:

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