1. Goodbye Laker Nation!!! I’ll miss ya’lll 💜💛 Thanks for the ride

  2. What about those that drives though? If they can pass really well and occasionally slash to the rim, will they have a role?

  3. He’d be a really nice addition but he is a bad defender

  4. Thank you. Some people in this sub act like they never helped us, after stringing a couple of bad games. At least they made the season fun. WCF finish is already impressive, considering we had vampire

  5. If you were in my situation, would you swap Curry 1 and add about $71 for his LeBron 20? Both are in good and similar condition

  6. Yeah, I agree Porter and Murray have to be great. I don't think the lakers double Joker at all in this series and they make the rest of the Nuggets beat them. I don't think they will. Lakers in 6. I think Davis and James can limit Joker points and they won't have to double him to do so.

  7. Almost all the predictions here before a Laker series starts favors the opponent. Look at the Memphis-Lakers and Warriors-Lakers prediction thread 🤣 understandable though since they’re the 7th seed. I also got Lakers in 6

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