1. I mean, using player nicknames in game commentary is pretty common around the world. Let me introduce you to El Pajarito Valverde of Uruguay.

  2. That's what's called a bit part or a secondary character. Cameos are for celebrities. 🤣

  3. Sitting on the bench for club and country doesn’t sound fun

  4. Financial stability assured for your future grandchildren sounds great, though.

  5. What magic do you think occurs when those particular mouth-breathers begin to enjoy soccer?

  6. Dating is an interaction between unique individuals. There are no rules except those which are mutually agreed upon by those individuals. If you want to know the best way to proceed with one of those individuals, ask them.

  7. Get to know yourself a little bit as an entity independent of your kids. You were a whole person before they arrived, and you continue to be.

  8. His corners were lacking against Wales, but they were fine against England. We didn't get on the end of them because England is one of the few teams that are probably superior to us in the air.

  9. So which was officiated better in your opinion?

  10. Other people don't have anything to do with this particular relationship. Decide if it's what you want or not, independent of all the other attention. If there are things you want that you're not getting, say so. Bringing up to this guy that you're a hot commodity just to see if it motivates him is playing games.

  11. Because it's a routine that the England team has which the US doesn't. The US players didn't even know it was going to happen, and I thought I saw a couple of them take a knee when they realized what was going on.

  12. This practice was increased after 2008 I assume?

  13. Nope, they were reporting at least as frequently as they are now prior to 2008.

  14. Wait this American players dad is the Liberian president? lol

  15. George Weah, the greatest footballer never to appear in a world cup.

  16. "Greeg" lol I'm gonna start calling him that

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