1. Mine was neutered when he was only 4 months old. :( actually my rabbits used to be bonded and there was almost no humping from any of them, but them my female had to be hospitalized and their bond broke. Since then he has been very difficult to bond.

  2. Yeah could deffo just be figuring out whos the dominant one and trying to rebond and that spray is perfect for that kind of thing !

  3. Onh so sweet !! Mine always snuggle together its like a love hate relationship hahah

  4. When my dog has his stick, I’m not sure whose happier! Him or me watching how happy he is lol

  5. This is such a good point hahaha but this time i think he enjoyed it wayyy more 🌳

  6. I love the ones that make this magical shimmer ❤️so beautiful

  7. I should have bought one big American cream shower gel before they stopped selling it😭😭feeling so nostalgic about it

  8. The smell was amazing but it hated that it was one big lump of jelly

  9. I use Eau roma water every single day for agesss. I spray a bit on a cotton pad and wipe my face on a morning or after iv been out to get the dirt off my face and after the bath/shower to freshen up my face. Its one of my fav lush products ever

  10. Iv got a bunny age 5 and a bunny age 2 and i love them so much but i feel this every day. There is the fear they are ill, are they happy am i giving them enough attention, are they getting what they need and not to mention the vet bills and health scares and one of them has had gi twice which cost around £500 at the emergency vets plus they both need their teeth filing every 3/4 months with costs £150 each ! My male goes through spring fever for a few months of the year so they have to be separated which is its own stress. I would never give them up but it is such a responsibility and cause if anxiety so if your having doubts now i would rehome before you get too attached. If you can hack it good luck they are gorgeous !

  11. Employee of the Month for Pillow Testing: Henry!

  12. US employee here! As far as I know we only take in the black/clear plastic pots.

  13. Im in the uk and i return EVERY empty. It being lip scrubs, face spray and tubs. They take everything at my lush so dont think elsewhere would be any different x

  14. Couldn’t agree more he totally ruined it ! Made the show seem old and cheap when its clearly the best show ever made

  15. Hi yes ALL empties are accepted lip scrubs included. I take all if mine and never turned them away

  16. That looks like a perfect rabbit garden! tasty & crunchy greens all around :)

  17. Is she a new bunny at your home?

  18. That's odd. She definitely looks sad. Does she grind her teeth sometimes? Like one loud sound ten pause. Does she have a good bond with the other bunny and with you? If so, I don't see why she would be depressed.

  19. When im stroking them i notice occasional grinding and the bond with the other was broken by spring fever but they then rebonded and groom snuggle and sit with each other all the time now. They have 2 rooms to roam and have toys houses and all the freedom they could want so just dont understand

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