1. I focus on draping, asymmetrical, slits and silky, satin, anything light weight with fabric. Summer makes me focus on water and air like elements, movement and energy.

  2. Oooh i love this idea of focusing on elements/movement they create. I’ve not added that concept to my wardrobe yet.

  3. 🤗🤗🤗 I think that will be an easy place to start and automatically bring the elemental part that all lefties have and then you can build from there.

  4. I think 1st, 2nd and 3rd have the most potential. I hesitated on the last one (the black and white) but it leans heavily dramatic without a lot of ethereal, so If you keep that one, you’ll probably want to have everything else have ethereal to balance it out

  5. You’re right. I’ll have to pair the last pant with a soft pant and light accessories. Always appreciate your takes!!

  6. 🤗🤗🤗 yeah I like that idea 💡 I think you could get away with geometric jewelry that’s like really shiny silver and make it more futuristic/alien Esque type of ethereal if you wanted to. Silver pants etc,David Bowie vibes if you know what I mean

  7. I’m a huge fan of cottagecore but can NOT pull it off lol. I think the key is to remember that colors aren’t quadrant specific. You have more commonalities with certain quadrants but there are tons of ranges in each color family to explore.

  8. Moving forward, let’s all continue to be mindful and make sure to incorporate feedback that represents each quadrant in order to be the most effective!

  9. What does everyone think? For me personally as a LU- it was spot on and really helpful!

  10. Thank you so much! I'm glad they align with RD and Illuminatrix for you. I was actually inspired by the Gentle Reminder post recently, since the system is supposed to be simple, so credit goes to

  11. I certainly have my opinion of what works better but am curious to know what others might think?

  12. I like right because it works for vertical AND your essence. Left just works for vertical imo.

  13. So right suits me overall, but right creates a more elongated effect? And lol you’re fine! You and I have to alter so much about style and essence so I know where you are coming from! 💗

  14. Right suits you better but left gives you a longer look. However right included more of your essence which I felt looked better on you. You can pull off high amount of details so I think the right suits you overall better. I didn’t think the left look was dramatic enough 💖

  15. Such a great question! I’ll have to think on this some more but off the bat I would say they’ve evolved. Having Rita confirm my type really helped me.

  16. Thanks for sharing! Reading all your comments is really illuminating. How do you feel about different situations. Do they influence your choices a little bit? Or aren’t they important at all?

  17. Awww so kind of you! That’s a big compliment coming from an Illuminatrix herself lol!

  18. This looks like it has Mesopotamian, Mayan, Aztec origins if that’s an actual depiction of a deity.


  20. This is such a good explanation and really shows the Down vs Up dilemma. I think that’s why a lot of Down styles seem so “effortless” because they’re based on intuitive dressing Vs a pre styled out process that Up seems to have. I love how the keywords can make things so much clearer!

  21. I love this! You can see the Upness you have with the extra colors and shoes details!!

  22. Red is a lucky color for my culture, so I already knew I was going to wear as much red as I could. Originally, I planned it to look like the very left (without a scarf) but it was feeling too meh and plain. It needed something more, but I wasn’t sure what. I played around with a lot of jewelry options, and then I tried some scarves.

  23. Love this!! 🧧🐰 this is super cute! Great outfit breakdown and the walkthrough makes so much sense. What is your zodiac if you don’t mind sharing? I’m actually a Rabbit so having a blast right now lol! Btw you look fantastic in red!

  24. If you take a look at my profile, I post a lot of my outfits.

  25. I can’t look at your profile because it’s NSFW but it sounds like you have it figured it out! 🤗

  26. I would say that you’re a right down. The key for me was you said biggest worry is dressing for an environment. Secondly being at ease is important to you even if it’s not the most important. You love the idea of sensuality but this doesn’t mean sensuality is the best fit for you which you said. Being at home and “at ease” with your clothing is down and right. You also focus a LOT on other’s perceptions and that means right to me. How you come across, Dressing appropriately etc- all right concerns. I don’t see anything left here. I understand your aesthetics but do you actually dress like that? It seems that you may want to but consideration for circumstances makes you not. Right cares about their style AND the occasion. Left tends to not care about the occasion or appropriateness. Also the Chanel style Esque is very Right Up but remember, an Up person should be dressing Up all the time not just when the occasion calls for it. Aesthetics can be all quadrants so I wouldn’t focus on that atm.

  27. Love this!! The snake print is really cute but I get what you mean. Do you think a gold belt would’ve made it about more you? Perhaps waist cinch? Amazing sweatshirt with Meradj! Love that you participated also!

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