I made a top 10 FAQ about selling, buying or using the Reddit Collectible Avatars! For every step there is a guide provided to help new users.

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  1. It’s a low enough mint (almost bottom 0.1%) that I think I will hang on for a longer term gain.

  2. Oh for sure. I've seen people say they wanted a 4 digit. You could Def get a solid amount in the future. Being a watch face too that will Def sell.

  3. Working on getting myself a cone head, but things have slowed down a bit today

  4. Which from a (fiat) side of things is probably reasonable. Most minority stake owners in businesses run 2-20%. They probably chose lower because of the risk factors with crypto being new to most people still.

  5. As someone who personally went to EU from America and used Coinbase for nearly all my transactions.

  6. Can you use the SHIB NFTs in it? What are they trying to do with it?

  7. Has anyone who received moons been able to sync with opensea and their Avatars?

  8. It happens from time to time that Reddit doesn't update the avatars. I can confirm this being a delay of at least 2 hours right now.

  9. Ty. Jeez that sucks. Feel like a kid who can't open his bday present lol

  10. I have never worked with crypto, I'm not 100% sure how to buy eth safely. Thanks for the next step though!

  11. The easiest way usually is to buy it through a CEX like Coinbase or Crypto dot com. You can use moonpay through metamask as well

  12. Are the sunglasses supposed to be a kind of a replacement for the bowtie?

  13. They come with the pyramid. I tried to remove them but no luck. I can't put a hat ontop either. This is the best I can do lol

  14. Who is laughing at this? Can you show me some of them?

  15. It's hit the point where they kept trying to see how much they could get away with.

  16. I just hope we get a heads up for the next lot coming out so we all get a chance to get some before they no doubt sell out rapidly. I bought 3 and felt like a fool, but now I feel foolish for only buying 3.

  17. This will be the that will show if we can really hope for BTC to finally set its own path away from stocks.

  18. Unfortunately, though I think this leaves the door open for big money to grab a foothold of BTC but it will succeed long term. I am going to still try to DCA everything I can but the average person facing tough financial choices will most likely be dumping.

  19. One additional thing you can use Polygons bridge directly from their website in the Metamask browser to swap ETH to WETH and vise versa.

  20. Moons have helped bring me out of my introverted shell and encourage me to start engaging with people. thankyou!

  21. Lol I love your pic. It's very possum esc. Cute in a weird way but also terrifying.

  22. We don't have to. He did lol. You dummies seem to conflate mockery with being offended. To be clear, you people are being mocked and laughed at which is different from being offended.

  23. Would have expected more considering the other #1. Congratulations for the bargain.

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