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  1. They would ask me for money so they can buy tickets for concerts or events or for new purses. I don’t mind paying $200 and i understand that anywhere else it would be more expensive, but to ask for more money on top of what I just paid, it made me feel a way. They would just want the $200 for the room I'm currently residing in

  2. It would be reasonable to ask and expect payment for utilities on top of rent for a room from you, but if that is not the case you have reason to be annoyed.

  3. ESH She was obviously trying to distance herself from you and then went to the extreme in ghosting you. BUT, you also should have been up front and told her immediately when you decided not to have her in your wedding. BTW, I think not having her in the wedding was the right call but you should have told her right away. I think it took a lot of hutzpa for her to think that after ghosting you for months she was even still in the wedding. So much time went by you guys might have decided to change your wedding date and she wouldn't have known.

  4. I think she said she sent her a message telling her she wasn't in the wedding anymore, no? Did I read that wrong?

  5. I am finishing third week on .25 and have decided to stay on that level for another month. I am training for a long distance endurance event and felt an increased level of fatigue for the first two weeks and had one bad episode of vomiting. (Think it was my fault as I ate and immediately took a nap.) I am staying at .25 as I've heard that going up to .50 can cause more side affects while adjusting.

  6. Interesting. I forgot that fatigue is one of the side effects and truthfully I have been feeling it. It's been really hard to get out of bed and I pass out around 8pm. I have chronic fatigue so I thought perhaps I was having a flair up but wasn't really feeling the other symptoms I get when I have flairs. My workouts have tanked and it's really frustrating bc it's literally what all my lifts have become harder and I've had to drop down. This last Saturday was the first day that I actually felt strong enough to put some of my regular numbers on the barbell but I'm no where near what I should, and normally would be recovery wise. I'm going into week 4 today.

  7. My doctor said to keep on it if I am losing

  8. There are many ways to grieve and sometimes we have no control over it. My grandfather was, and still is, my favorite person who ever lived. When he past I kept it together and I cried to myself about 6 months after his death. But I miss him everyday and it's been over 30 years and I've never gotten over the loss of him. My grandmother died and I lost it. Fulll heaving body shakes and gasping for air. We were not close, and though I love and honor her in my home, I still do not feel a connection to her and never really did. My reaction confused me because even as the years have past I have lost people that meant everything to me - never had that reaction again. Life is complex, our emotions are as well. And you will grieve everyone different and the way you grieve them has nothing to do with how important, or un-important they were in your life sometimes.

  9. She has had work done slowly over the years making t less obvious. If your look back several seasons you start to see the progression. I want to say 3 seasons ago you start to see the refresh. The start of it is not great but it changes mid season and progresses for the better since. . I think she looks fantastic this season! Tbh

  10. No no no!!! No! His total lack of regard for you in any aspect during this interaction makes me angry for you! So disrespectful! I would ask you to examine the way he treats you in other areas

  11. Summary of podcast. Approx ½ was interviewing Chris (Repo$$e$$ed) the last ½ was discussing Nashville couples.

  12. Hi! We're coming to LA on March 1 at Dynasty Typewriter!

  13. No one likes either of them. They’re both exhausting.

  14. Damn, I was hoping they spent New years making Prison shanks.

  15. I am not a religious person so I'm not going to touch the God part. But a lot of our happiness is our responsibility. I'm not saying you weren't trying to help yourself and be happy, I'm just saying you have not been given the right tools to go so. Please have some grace with yourself and find a therapist and maybe group counseling. I don't know if when you say cult you mean an actual cult or just religion in general but I actually was born into a cult and the brain washing is real. Not many are going to really understand the full culture, not many are going to understand the full depth of control a person can have, and how they can manipulate you.

  16. If this was a serious relationship, your gf should be your priority here, especially since this is going to be your last New Years together "for a while". It sounds like she is not your priority and you don't take the relationship as seriously as she does, and that's FINE as well - but her request is very normal and understandable.

  17. I googled my adventures to fit for "research" (what I called being bored during covid) and y'all popped up

  18. This is both endearing nta, and yta territory. I actually have no problem with you getting him the TV. I don't get the feeling you splurge often, and this was probably really exciting for you to buy for your son. But, ya have to take your wife into account. There could have been a a substantial gift certificate or something. At the end of the day it was your money, your choice but I'm sure she wanted to be considered as it sounded like she wanted to buy a joint gift.

  19. I mean that’s just sneaker/hype/flex culture 🤷🏽‍♂️

  20. Ya. I'm a sneaker head. This is true sneaker head style. But... There is a way to do it and this ain't it

  21. Pretty sure everyone in this picture was photoshopped in by the looks of it.

  22. Oh for sure! I'm just saying this is specifically a recycled promo photo that was taken for something else

  23. This is funny but I also like to believe the theories that she actually was feeling more betrayed by Harper. She knew Cameron cheats, but she confided in Harper. She told her things after saying she didn’t have any girl friends, so it sounded like she didn’t have many people to talk to.

  24. This is how I see it as well. She was confiding in her, and she genuinely thought she was forming a friendship.

  25. I thought the same thing at first, like this might be a game Cam and Daphne do to keep it exciting, but daphnes face at the beach when E told her what he thought happened made me think that theory wasn’t the right direction. Daphne looked genuinely hurt and it seemed to me at least she was more disappointed in Harper. Also, I believed Harper when she said they only kissed. She did seem to really dislike cam for many reasons. Idk Great show!!

  26. I agree.i think she is more upset over Harper. I think she thought she was forming a friendship with her and it stung. I think she's lonely and she wanted a real friend.

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