This game is seriously just not worth the bulls**t it comes with anymore.

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  1. The people who spent $800+ on a lower have to gatekeep in order to make them feel better about their purchase.

  2. I have a MARS-L, if you get an in spec anderson the only difference between the two is reloads are slightly easier for me.

  3. I was on board with him till he started posting 5G truther content

  4. I’m trying. With your plumbing expertise, I know I’m well on my way. 😘

  5. Did you really snoop out this guys post history over this? He really hurt you that bad? Damn.

  6. Again, you're getting hurt by this and you shouldn't be, it just looks gross lmao.

  7. Probably both but at least I'm not letting strangers on the internet hurt my feelings.

  8. Cope? That’s you😂 I’m littler saying it doesn’t make a difference unless you are in a dumb scenario like that. AR has no real advantage over AK. Both on the same level

  9. AKs are same level 🤡 out Zenitco or sureshot. SMe cost as a AR

  10. "Same cost as a AR" lmao, much more expensive and 3 pounds heavier, try again.

  11. "Hey strangers on the internet! Will you allow me to buy these rubber bands?"

  12. Sorry to break it too u but it is. My barrel is CHF or chrome lined but for a button cut barrel, BA Hanson barrels are still very nice barrels with really nice QPQ finishes on them. BCM is pointless. Either get a DD level upper which is much nicer than BCM or get a Aero/BA level type upper. BCM isn’t as nice as DD and is much more than other quality mid tier uppers like Aero. Also BCM doesn’t make really anything on their own. They out source almost everything u buy from them 👎🏻

  13. Why is DD so much better than BCM 🤣🤣🤣. Geeee idk maybe because DD makes 100% of everything they use in house, their QC standards are the highest in the business and lastly they are known to ha the most rugged duty capable rifles. Again BCM our sources almost everything they use. They are really a assembler, not a “manufacturer.” That’s the difference. Also they QC isn’t not even close to on par with DD. Aero gives u very similar quality rifle to BCM for about 30-40% less the cost.

  14. How do you like the bros mount? Are the brightness buttons hard to press? Thinking about getting it for my next edc build.

  15. Only guns with white lights are cool

  16. I'm sour because every cheap utilitarian vehicle from the 80s-00s is now being turned into a shitty luxury status symbol by rich suburban moms.

  17. I don't, I have over 4k hours and I think the game has gone straight downhill since like 12.9 or 12.10. If anything the idea that this game is still good is the skewed one, since it's blatantly garbage now.

  18. You're over reacting. The audio is unusable, once that's fixed were good.

  19. Nope. I am not. I am reacting exactly as much as I should be.

  20. I mean if you come across a car and you have parts for it are you not gonna fix it or what?

  21. Apparently not, if you lose your base "that's the game, it ain't fair and it's not your loot" but if you have... too many fucking cars? How dare you...

  22. Idc what this thread thinks, the truck not letting him pass is fucking hilarious.

  23. I mean I wouldn't buy one, but this sub definitely goes nuts over some pretty dumb shit.

  24. No, we don’t all like “dumb shit,” that’s what fudds do

  25. Big agree on multitools over knives, and DI over piston, big disagree with red dots on pistols, and lifting. Strength is significantly less important than cardio, but it's by no means "not that important."

  26. Our rifles will be obsolete for just enough time for the trenders to go waste money on an entirely new build, then they'll change their mind again because somebody on Instagram said so.

  27. People make mistakes. Hopefully when you make one you don't get this kind of attitude back at you.

  28. No seatbelt on top of all this, yeah sorry but I agree with OP, hard to feel bad for them.

  29. Bigger? Foxes are tiny compared to borzois, and a borzoi will outweigh many wolves too. Wolves aren't that big compared to many large dogs.

  30. Photoshopped images and trick perspective lol. Just look up wolf statistics vs dog breed sizes. Have you ever seen a wolf in person? The biggest are not that big.

  31. Borzoi weight, male - 75-100, averaged wolf weight, male - 66-180.

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