AITA for blowing up at my gf who booked multiple trips without (telling) me

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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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AITA for asking my neighbours to be more considerate?

Are you being serious right now?

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AITA for not attending my husband's celebration dinner due to the restaurant not having anything I could eat?

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I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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  1. NTA unless it was a special occasion or you tried to convince others to eat it. It’s not this easy to sabotage plans. If the others all really wanted to go they would have just not eaten the pizza. If I wanted to go to a restaurant and someone ordered pizza a couple of hours before I would just eat a small amount if I was really hungry or say no thanks. Unless you did something to coerce others into eating, you’re not responsible for their eating habits. Also for the people saying why order so many, I usually order a lot when I order because of the fixed delivery cost, and then just save some in the fridge.

  2. It’s not super friendly. He’s very pragmatic and gets very transactional (he’s an economist)

  3. That's a fair argument, but the fact is that she did it. The sister refusing to buy Plan B doesn't undo the sex. So do you really want someone who shouldn't even be having sex to have to have a baby? I don't need to explain why her parenting a baby could be bad. But imagine how much worse her mental health will get if she's forced to go through with a pregnancy she didn't want. Or if she's forced to have to decide to go through with an abortion.

  4. Who’s second option to not talking to a store worker is having a baby? She will obviously find a way to get it. If not they’re dealing with a much larger problem

  5. YTA. Even if something is not intentional you still have to take responsibility for it. Even though you didn’t mean to have to work, you still told her you’d vacation and then didn’t. That’s your responsibility and you should feel bad about it

  6. Agree with everyone saying leave him and it’s terrible. But also want to talk about hair. I recently had a stylist fry my hair so bad that it was falling out, and I had to chop all my hair off. Some people tried to tell me it was just hair, but I was really upset. I still look in the mirror 4 months later wishing it was longer and hating the way it makes my face look. A lot of people have understood and I’ve found that hair is very important to people. Not having mine has made me understand how important it is to me (I know there’s worse things in this world). I just want to say I completely understand you not wanting to cut it off and how much you like your hair. You are completely valid and it’s super traumatic to have your hair cut off if you don’t want to

  7. True but I mean 4 hours every day for over a week is a lot of time to spend with family

  8. It’s not, and especially not if you’re rushing them through everything. And yes, reminding them “every so often” of the end time and cutting off movies in the middle is rushing

  9. Aaaaahhh yes, this happens with hot chicks too, they sometimes just suck at sex because they're so hot that they never needed to learn because having sex with them is such a privlege.

  10. Nope. Average people can suck just as much. As someone who’s has a glow up and been on either side, and slept with all types of people, everything people assume is correlated with looks is untrue. Good looking people are not nicer, meaner, smarter, dumber, better at sex, worse at sex, etc. It DOES depend on if you hang around people for just their looks or lack of looks, then you get vein people who try to fit a stereotype and those stereotypes become true

  11. $250 * 20 = $5,000 and $300 * 25 = $7500. Along with everything else, she’s actually trying to make a profit off her relatives by my calculations

  12. I didn’t call her the first time. I just messaged her but the tine came where she really had no replies at all that when I started calling. Again we we’re 200km away from home and I was the only one who could help if ever something happened. My point here is that I just wanted her to be safe thats all.

  13. Do you not trust that she can take care of herself and will ask for help if she needs it?

  14. YTA. Besides what everyone else has said about how hard it is for the parents, the world does not have to bend to your will. Neighbors make noise. Unless that noise is illegal or outrageous, not being able to deal with it is a you problem. Same with the parking. The spots are open, they are allowed to park there

  15. YTA. A restaurant not having something you like is different from not having anything you CAN eat. Adults do things for other people that are not ideal for them. That’s literally being a decent human being. Personally, I like having a big lunch and a very small dinner. When people want to go out for dinner to celebrate, I either change my eating schedule for the day or just order something light at dinner. If I order something light, it’s not that I CANT eat, I just prefer not to, and I don’t mind at all sitting there while others are eating

  16. Dude should have offered to make dinner every night in exchange for breakfast every morning from her.

  17. Ok but why does everything have to be one for one? We don’t know about the other divisions of labor. I’d have to hear more

  18. Generally under normal circumstances yes, but this is the first time he’s meeting her family and seems like she hasn’t met the roommate or at least doesn’t know him well. OP isn’t being unreasonable by wanting this day to be about the two of them meeting her family for the first time.

  19. There could have been a way to accommodate this though, such as the family having coffee with the boyfriend before thanksgiving. If he was anyway going to meet the family, they could have done it a little earlier

  20. Side point: why is him doing some chores and sometimes being thoughtful and affectionate “a good guy.” This isn’t a comment on your specifically, but the bar is so damn low. Being a decent partner shouldn’t be reason to stay, it should be the minimum requirement. Everything you’ve said he’s done sounds pretty manipulative and terrible, and there’s really nothing good about him that I can see. Someone really in love with you and actually good will do much more than what he’s done

  21. YTA. Also, you can set your expectations, she can choose not to work for you

  22. 7.5/10. Could bulk up a little, hair looks best in the last pic

  23. A lot of men don’t seem to understand this but overly sculpted isn’t the most desirable. In shape, yes. Muscular, lower body fat, yes. But you don’t have to look like a Greek sculpture. I (and a lot of women I know) tend to prefer like the active athletic type not the gym bro type. I think it’s because that look kinda seems vain. It’s not about the utility of your body, because lots of other people would outperform in say sports. That’s my opinion at least. It’s also physically imposing which goes along with what other people have said about smiling

  24. I had the same thing happen with an ex and then asked my friends about it. They said that people assume you’ll stop dating other people after 1-3 dates. I was flabbergasted honestly because I believe you’re not exclusive until you have that conversation. Moreover, I’m not gonna deny anyone their feelings, but I think it’s totally fine to see/sleep with other people until that happens. For me, feelings take a while to grow. I’m not committed to seeing only one person after the first date. Also, cheating on someone is most about breaking someone’s trust, doing something you know will hurt them and break the boundaries you both put up in your relationship. After the first date, you don’t have those, you haven’t built anything yet. Although your bf can feel bad about anything he wants to, I wouldn’t let that make you feel bad about what you did. You did nothing wrong morally or technically

  25. Yta just for the assets bit. HOWEVER, I do think it’s important to be appropriately dressed for the occasion. If your church is formal, it’s reasonable to ask your daughter to dress formal

  26. I know relationships are complicated but he is the one who destroyed the trust in your marriage, you should feel zero guilt for whatever the consequences his actions bring. Do NOT stay with a cheater who doesn’t care about building a life with you because he might not be able to stay in the country. That’s on him.

  27. Moreover, he cheated knowing this could be a consequence. He was betting that even if you found out you would stay with him. Show him he should never make that bet about a woman again

  28. If budget is a barrier, I recommend checking out the rei garage or other used gear websites. That’s where I’ve gotten most of my stuff. It may not be the exact optimal thing, but it’ll be a huge improvement from what you’ve got. I got a ultralight tent from the garage that was literally fine except the person who had it before didn’t know how to set it up properly for wind, $100 off. Know roughly what gear want to improve and find a deal

  29. You’re validating his ego. “If someone is with me what I’m doing isn’t really that bad”

  30. Depends on your risk tolerance and the level of comfort you “require”. If you’re fine with the idea of potentially being stuck outside the shelter with no tent, however small that possibility, go for it. Otherwise, just bring one

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