Bully stabs asian refugee student

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  1. Back in the day my understanding is that, because sea travel was the fastest thing around, a coastal city in North Africa was in a sense "closer" to Southern Europe than to the interior of Africa. You'd sooner find someone from Italy in Libya, than someone from present-day Nigeria or something. (and of course North Africa was part of the Roman Empire, further inland in Africa wasn't)

  2. That was painful to read it. So much cope and projection in an article.

  3. As a man, my whole life I’ve been taught to work hard if I want to achieve anything. If I want to own a home or have a wife, I would have to earn it. It was made explicitly and implicitly clear that I could never expect this. These are privileges.

  4. What in the fuck Jesus someone needs some help. But in my experience dealing with an ex who is a “feminist”, even in therapy the therapist is somehow at fault and therapy doesn’t “work” for them.

  5. How is collectivism objectively quantified?

  6. Part of the resentment expressed over the Biden plan to have taxpayer money cover education loans is the recognition that the students who paid their debt -- engineering, medicine, business, and law students -- were really the only ones qualified to be at university. The pay down will unfairly skew towards students who probably had no place in university to begin with.

  7. That's what happens when you violate the rules of war and fake a surrender

  8. Yeah the Imperial Japanese kinda lost any good will towards the end of the war when they were suicide bombing post surrender.

  9. A couple dudes used aliases with last names of "Ligma" and "Johnson" and pretended to be fired Twitter employees outside of Twitter HQ and media outlets initially bought it hook line and sinker.

  10. nah he backtracked on that like i knew he would. hes a fraud

  11. LibRight really should be a musclecar and AuthLeft should be a vatnik 1980 Lada Vesta

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