1. Was this an old vid? I don't remember seeing it before, I posted this earlier and the mods removed it

  2. Oh no worries, it's not a big deal, hope all is well with yours, happy belated Thanksgiving

  3. Some of them were the defenders of Mariupol, some were captured at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant at the very beginning of the invasion. In addition, one civilian.

  4. Yeap that was the clip, thank you, fuck it was only $10 🤦

  5. This clip stuck out to me because they literally flag down 2 passing civvies and had them witness the procedure. I thought that was great, minimizes the funny business I guess

  6. Yea with all the rumors of Ukrainians being corrupt and stuff, like how they did by the books from then, prob why support hasn't died down for them.

  7. I see lots of spare parts for Ukraine's own S-300 systems myself. Lots of salvageable stuff on there drive train wise.

  8. Oh yea same, Ukrainian people are very crafty, I'm sure theyll be able to salvage plenty off them

  9. Oh god lol I had forgotten about the fake inflatable ones

  10. Azteca stadium is the most iconic stadium in Mexico

  11. It is, they were doing the same thing in Bakhmut recently

  12. Snow will actually slow down how quickly the ground freezes. It's cold, of course, but it's also an insulating layer. It prevents the ground from firming up, which is bad for Ukrainian counteroffenses.

  13. The Ukrainians have been prepping for the winter for a while now, I think they'll be okay. Can't say the same for the Russians. Not good for them.

  14. I heard snow came early in Ukraine, not good for the russkies

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