1. I’ve been perusing your profile and you turn me on!

  2. I am but its artificial. I take 800 mg of DHEA a day. your liver turns it into the sex "on switch" chemical.

  3. That’s interesting. Is this DHEA harmful to the body if you take that much of it?

  4. absolutely nontoxic. no warnings on the bottle. your body makes it anyway. it's a signalling chemical, how the master gland (pituitary) gives commands to the other organs.

  5. Cool! Thank you for the info. I hope you find a way to alleviate the horny feelings you have. Lol!

  6. Last day of relaxation and alone time so I might as well take advantage of it.

  7. Stroking here too. I love long sessions.

  8. Reddit is becoming my favorite place to masturbate too.

  9. Fuck that’s so hot to read! I’d say keep going until you’re delusional and can’t see straight.

  10. Wow. It’s the first thing I’ve read this morning and you’ve gotten me very horny! If today is a slow day for me I’d love to join you but first I need a cold shower. Lol!

  11. I wish you could join me! I could liven up your afternoon.

  12. This was so hot to read first thing in the morning. I’ll take this into the shower with me.

  13. Did they see you looking at them?

  14. How long did you masturbate for because of them?

  15. Glad you could join us. I’m not in the Bay Area though.

  16. Just decided to join you guys. Happens everytime I open this sub

  17. Are you still answering questions?

  18. I recently sat naked on the balcony and answered some naughty questions on Reddit.

  19. I just read that post. Very hot!

  20. I certainly do. I love the feeling of myself throbbing and then deciding to masturbate.

  21. I do this often myself. It feels very nice on a Friday night.

  22. It has been. Ever since I move out of my parents house.

  23. You’re living the dream… of sorts. Lol! Stay free!

  24. It’s something I’ve thought about doing.

  25. I’m at about an 8 at the moment. Getting more aroused as the night goes on.

  26. A hot tub with a beautiful woman inside waiting for me. Lol.

  27. Think happy thoughts. We shall see. You would not think it would be this hard to get a guy to fuck when he so clearly wants to.

  28. I know! It’s almost concerning that he hasn’t made the move yet.

  29. Right? But we have talked about expectations and boundaries and everything. So clearly he wants to. There must be something holding him back. I just haven’t figured it out yet. I don’t think he is inexperienced based on our last movie night. He knows what to do so far.

  30. Aww poor guy and also poor you. Don’t be too hard on him. He’s probably very nervous abound getting physical. I’d probably be too if I was going to sleep with you.

  31. Thank you. Best of luck with horny posting!

  32. Hahah thank you. My headache is starting to subside and my man is home so hoping to transition from hornyposting to hornytouching

  33. Very nice! I hope to have someone to hornytouch also. Have fun!

  34. No doubt I will. I forgot SO had been up for about 40 hours before sleep last night (family emergency), bc he is often up and down all night, and it's normal for him to sleep in catnaps, which works out for me bc I get awakened all hours of the night for fun. The absence of before sleep sex and then those wake up calls disturbed me; I had no idea how much they're routine to me now, and how much it screws me up when the routine is broken. I am lucky, and I'll try to keep gratitude for my SO and our relationship in the forefront of my mind from now on. Great sex most of the time with my favorite person in the world is a gift that is not to be taken for granted!

  35. Wow. I’m surely jealous of you and your SO. I hope to find someone who is also a HL as I am. I’ll be rooting for you guys.

  36. You'll find someone. It'll be when you least expect it, probably shortly after you give up on finding that person. That's how it usually happens. Thanks, bro; I'll keep my fingers crossed so you find the best match for you soon.

  37. Aww you’re very sweet! Thank you for the best wishes.

  38. I’m game. Where are the horny MILF’s in my area? Lol!

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