1. Lmao I feel this so much! One second listening to Lekkerboy and then all of a sudden “hmmmm guess I’ll queue disasterpiece”

  2. Everybody's talking about it - releases shortly after hiatus announcement (like they had no business sharing shit after we all thought they were breaking up)

  3. Waddup ill! I agree its very unlikely for a release to be unintentional. The amount of people it has to go past?! Hahah I can’t buy that accidental release story.

  4. Can’t remember off the top of my head but it should be under the “envelopes” section. Click on where it says “track pa” I think there should be a volume tab and then just adjust it

  5. Step 1: You need to listen to new music. I find writers block happens when there’s no real inspiration anymore because I’m listening to the same bands and songs for the millionth time. I always need something new to excite and fire me up to be like “ahhhh I should write something with a drum part like that going into an upbeat chorus!”. Go down a Spotify rabbit hole. Look up random playlists and shuffle while running, driving, using the internet etc.

  6. Instead of making rants or callouts on social media, I just prefer to write a song about it.

  7. Would have loved to have seen them when Inspirationizer/Inspirational was still in the set, and Willow Tree. I'd love so much if they started playing the acoustic version of Hell & Back in concert too.

  8. They should totally add it. The thing is they need to push their new stuff, especially as an independent band to keep this album’s merch sales high, and stay relevant with the new material. Dave ghrol talked about how the toughest thing about being in the foo fighters is he feels like he’s constantly letting people down for not playing entire shows of “the greatest hits”

  9. Sleep Alone, in my opinion, was a bummer of an opener for the YtK album and kind of set the tone for the "downer" release it was going to be.

  10. What really makes sticky stand out is their use of the chords. I think with 7th chords it’s very easy to gravitate towards an indie mac demarcoish sound. Sticky on the other hand manages to keep it in the realm of reggae, alternative, and rock. That’s just my take.

  11. hell yeah ! you got any shows coming up in Boston / Somerville / Cambridge ?

  12. don't forget to promote the tour in a way that's visible to the people booking you. i usually create a FB/IG event, wherever i'm connected to the booker's account(following/friend). Then, promote the night, spend as much as two tickets would cost.

  13. Good point! I’d say I’m also pretty good at keeping in contact and giving updates for peace of mind, sending them the flyer etc.

  14. Uhh, seems like you got it all covered!

  15. Extend Play: literally all of it cause no one ever talks about it. Caress Your Soul: Laika Land of Pleasure: Velvet Skies Westway: Tongue and Cheek Yours to Keep: Another Episode Lekkerboy: Napalm

  16. I really like the opening track. Great instrumentation and a nice long guitar solo in the middle. Where are you based? Wouldn't mind catching a show if you play live.

  17. We’re based in the US so that might be a bit costly! If the sub is cool with it maybe we’ll make a quick post with live footage. Follow us on our Instagram to keep up with us @officialcannonthedealers appreciate all the support we can get brudda


  19. I struggle to listen to it. It hurts my heart.

  20. Same because while laika’s story is not literally relatable, the feeling is. Everyone’s felt like they were sold out by someone they trusted at one point or another.

  21. I wonder if the other contestants understand how successful Taras music career is. Big brother really made it seem like he’s a side hobby bedroom musician lol.

  22. Honestly the vibe in the room just has to be right even before you start playing. A half empty bar where everyone is stood 2m apart is never going to get moving. A busy bar where everyone is having a good time will immediately start moving to a good beat. And the beat is probably the most important part. It has to be the right feel.

  23. Yeah we started to add 2 covers to our set. One early on and the other last.

  24. Front of kit can be a great minimalist mic. Sounds like an overhead but more kick and less cymbals. Place it at the same distance from the snare as your overhead and blend. Also look up crotch mic.

  25. Kinda confused but I think you’re suggesting keeping back overhead and snare, but using crotch mic (instead of in the kick hole) and in front of the kit overhead (instead of aimed at the wall)?

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