1. Exactly. No truly spiritual person would have said what she said about Shep on the reunion, deserved or not. All of them looked appalled, even Madison told her to knock it off.

  2. Haha are you sure? No evangelical person would be nasty and judgmental?

  3. This Christian?! Why is she sticking around? She was only there because she dated Shep, her and 250 other whooores or was it sluts? I can't remember.

  4. “Shep you said you couldn’t commit and now you’re single and dating other people! Hypocrite much?!”

  5. he talks all about it on the newest episode of austen/craig’s podcast. he’s such an asshole to them, though.

  6. I cannot fucking imagine him being on another team, I’d just go through life with steam coming out of my ears like a cartoon

  7. I know they censored one episode when Thomas was having lunch with his dad and they were leaving a tip. TR put down a $5 bill and his dad says, something like we don't like Lincoln (freeing slaves) and then TR laughs and winks.

  8. His dad sure did a great job raising him, in addition to being a racist!

  9. It wasn’t even a bad hit. He’s just mad he’ll never be half the tough guy his dad was

  10. I think he’ll count his dad recognizing him in ten years as a win

  11. Something I’ve taken away from The Thomas Experience is how many of these people are in America - very, very rich, but not so rich that you’ve heard of them, and they’re running around doing whatever they want to whoever they want, and all the while they feel aggrieved about how they’re treated.

  12. Isn’t the inheritance tax only on some ridiculous amount of money. It isn’t on the few grand that you may leave your kids

  13. “If you would never describe your place as an “estate,” then you don’t need to worry about the estate tax.”

  14. Yeah much better to take the police at their word you fucking clown

  15. It started because a black teenager accidentally swam into a whites-only swimming area. There were no formal borders between the black and white swimming area, just water. A mob of regular people, his fellow Americans, threw stones at him until he drowned. When black folks accused the whites of murdering the lad, things blew up.

  16. 1000% - also “race riot” is a ridiculous term considering it always always ALWAYS amounts to “white people slaughtered black people.”

  17. I can’t explain it but Taylor just looks fake here like her innocent facade is slipping through. Or I just can’t overlook her reunion episode now lol

  18. It’s the Evangelical Christian thing - no matter how they appear or act outwardly, underneath they’re some of the most spiteful, aggrieved, angry people alive.

  19. Now obviously this sucks but it’s wild to see this show last long enough to have a COMPLETE female cast turnover

  20. Bah he coulda done that before and is feeling the heat from producers now that they need more than the Peter Pan storyline smh or did he volunteer it up since his give up your means of surviving in life for 40k fell through

  21. It’s hard to picture something more grindingly capitalist and unjust than “insurance,” so they should love it, but I assume they’re mad about rainbow logos during Pride or something. These people are so FUCKING exhausting.

  22. The fuck is wrong with this guy? Has he always been like this and it’s just getting steam now?

  23. Brady makes you realize how much of this is just pure dumb luck, because the Pats took six guys before they picked him

  24. Noted conservative shit bag Matt Walsh wants to ban something he thinks is dangerous based off a number of incidents that’s exponentially smaller than the occurrence of gun violence in America

  25. Craig is awful. He tries so hard to be 'old money'. He forgets where he came from and is about the biggest asshole on Bravo.

  26. He also takes it too far in the other direction, when convenient, and claims he grew up “poor.” We all saw the house you grew up in, dude. It’s fine.

  27. Matt Cooke, that hit to Savards head was just dirty. He was attempting to end people’s careers not just have big hits.

  28. I was hoping they’d permanently injure each other, but I’ll take a ko’d cook

  29. You did not hate Kane yet, he was like 13 years old when he rinsed Cooke, this is revisionism!

  30. Because he's a little bitch. Reaves tried to stir shit but Domi wanted none of it. He'd rather sucker punch people just going about their day.

  31. Maybe next step is putting his head into the dasher, then? He’s a risk to every player on the ice

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